Impactfully No. 66: Better care through connection

This week, PointClickCare connects healthcare services to improve patient care, Saxbys trains the next generation of leaders one coffee at a time, and United Launch Alliance delivers critical satellite infrastructure to orbit.

Impactfully No. 66: Better care through connection
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I'm not the most frequent visitor to the doctor's office, so I was surprised a few years ago by how much better they've gotten at embracing technology. I had one app for seeing my test results, messaging any of my doctors, and confirming appointments – far better than calling, emailing, or sending my test results between doctors on my own.

Someday, I'd like to have it all in one place: all of my medical data, all of my contacts, all of my insurance information...a pipe dream perhaps, but ideal because healthcare is better when it's all in one place, connected.

When I stumbled across our featured company this week, PointClickCare, I was reminded of that vision. I originally found them through Audacious Inquiry, a Certified B Corp that develops foundational technology supporting connected care – PointClickCare acquired Audacious Inquiry last year. They are focused on improving healthcare by connecting services that used to be siloed, with applicability from senior care to nursing to community health.

One of their best benefits is their hybrid and remote work model – most healthcare companies require an onsite preference, making it harder to contribute to the industry if you need more flexibility at home. If healthcare isn't where you'd like to make your mark, however, check out the rest of this week's job opportunities:

PointClickCare is a healthcare technology company that helps healthcare providers deliver better care to their patients and residents. I'm really impressed by the variety of roles on offer here – a great way to contribute to better health without necessarily having a medical background.

  • Data Associate (Sales Support) – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Account Executive, Revenue Growth – Remote
  • Software Implementation Consultant, Acute and Payer – Remote
  • Software Architect – Remote
  • Director, Product – Remote
  • State Director, OH/MI/IN (Sales) – Remote
  • Solutions Analyst - Technical Integration – Remote
  • Senior Software Architect – Remote
  • Software Engineer – Minneapolis, MN

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Modern Energy is on a mission to accelerate the transition to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy. They partner with emerging developers to build a variety of clean energy assets, from solar farms to EV charging stations, in the United States and Brazil.

  • Director of Electrical Engineering – New York, NY
  • Enterprise Account Manager & Technical Sales – New York, NY
  • Senior Director of Procurement – Austin, TX

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Saxbys is a Certified B Corp coffee shop chain with a top-notch workforce development program. Those "Student Cafe Executive Officer" roles below? I've never seen anything like them – they give students experience running a business, and it sets them up for management positions in the future. I love the vision here, and fortunately you don't need to be a student to contribute.

  • Accounting & Finance Coordinator – Philadelphia, PA
  • Area Operations Manager – Maryland
  • Cafe Operations Manager – Bethlehem, PA
  • Campus Recruiter – Philadelphia, PA
  • Student Cafe Executive Officer (S.C.E.O.) – Various, check the website for opportunities at colleges around the country

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Looking for even more social impact job opportunities? Visit our job board for thousands of ways to make the world a better place.

GadellNet is an IT consulting firm that helps businesses of all sizes with managed IT services, consulting, cybersecurity, and more. They're yet another Certified B Corp, and their environmental impact is a key focus area – their buildings are largely powered by solar energy.

  • Account Manager – Carmel, IN or St. Louis, MO
  • Technical Support Engineer (Branch Engineer) – Carmel, IN
  • Technical Support Engineer (Service Desk Engineer) – Carmel, IN; St. Louis, MO; Madison, WI; or Greenwood Village, CO

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Pivot Energy creates renewable energy projects such as solar and wind farms, supporting them from concept to operation. I'll point out the Energy Storage Analyst role as one with lower requirements to apply – if you're looking to break into the renewable energy space, that could be a great start.

  • Energy Storage Analyst – Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; or Baltimore, MD
  • Project Development Associate Engineer – Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; or Baltimore, MD
  • Senior Project Manager, C&I – Denver, CO

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NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – and I probably spend too much time on their website during hurricane season. We feature a lot of companies here who operate in the clean energy and climate action spaces, and we know the impacts that's having on the weather. NOAA does much more than that, but it helps couch the impact this organization has. Heck, you can even work in Hawaii – how cool is that?

  • Deputy Director – Washington, DC
  • International Trade Specialist – Silver Spring, MD
  • Engineering Technician – Honolulu, HI
  • Management and Program Analysis Officer – Silver Spring, MD
  • Research Program Specialist – Ann Arbor, MI
  • Communications Specialist – Silver Spring, MD
  • IT Specialist – Silver Spring, MD or Medford, OR
  • Public Affairs Specialist – Honolulu, HI
  • Environmental Engineer – Silver Spring, MD
  • Program Analyst – Honolulu, HI

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Blueland is tackling the single-use plastic problem with their refillable cleaning products. Their focus on sustainability extends beyond their products to the business as a whole: they've been carbon neutral and climate neutral for two years. At the moment, they're hiring for some excellent senior-level roles – a great opportunity to contribute to a disrupter in the consumer goods space.

  • Chief of Staff – Remote
  • VP of Operations – Remote
  • Director of Sales – Remote

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United Launch Alliance is for the space lovers out there – their rockets are used to launch a variety of satellites that play a vital role in our daily lives, providing us with everything from TV and radio signals to GPS navigation and weather forecasts. They have a lot more opportunities than the ones I've listed below, so be sure to check out their careers page.

  • Engineering jobs aplenty – see the careers page for opportunities in Systems Engineering, Thermodynamics, Software Engineering, and more
  • Agile Coach and Planning SME – Denver, CO
  • Master Planner – Denver, CO
  • Supply Chain Senior Manager – Decatur, AL
  • IT Analyst Desk Side Leader – Denver, CO
  • Data Scientist – Cape Canaveral, FL
  • Training Specialist – Cape Canaveral, FL
  • Executive Administrative Assistant – Denver, CO
  • Videographer, Editor & Social Media Coordinator – Denver, CO

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Urban Remedy is a meal delivery service that focuses on helping people eat healthier even when they're busy. Their impact extends beyond the service, however – employees are heavily engaged in volunteer efforts, and the company donates food to the tune of $100k per year.

  • Senior Accountant – Remote
  • Regional Account Manager – Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Denver, CO or Boulder, CO
  • Business Systems & Applications Manager – Remote
  • Safety & Training Supervisor – Richmond, CA

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