Impactfully No. 67: Giving good dogs a great home

This week, Good Dog helps families discover dog breeders and shelters with ethical practices, Unit Co. enables impact reporting for social enterprises everywhere, and Summer makes it easier to dig out of student loan debt.

Impactfully No. 67: Giving good dogs a great home
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Any week where I get to browse pictures of dogs for work is a good week.

A few years ago, we adopted an American foxhound – think beagle, but bigger – and I can't imagine life without him. He was our first shelter dog, and now I can't imagine finding a pet any other way. A shocking number of dogs end up in shelters each year – over 3 million, per the ASPCA – and all of them deserve a loving home.

Our featured company this week, Good Dog, is connecting families to shelters and breeders with high ethical standards. It's like a search engine for finding your next furry friend, but they vet (no pun intended) the breeders, shelters, and rescues that they feature on their website. With so many options out there, I love the idea of filtering down to just the good stuff quickly and easily – kind of similar to what we do with One Work, come to think of it.

Obviously, we'd all love to work with dogs, right? Who wouldn't? But on the off chance you don't, I've scrounged the interwebs for even more social impact job opportunities:

Good Dog is an online resource to find the next member of your family – one with four paws. They have a distributed team with offices in New York City and Salt Lake City if you'd prefer a hybrid or onsite role to one that's remote.

  • Sr. Customer Support Specialist – Remote
  • Senior Product Designer – Remote
  • Operations Specialist – Remote

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Coursera is the world's largest online learning platform and a Certified B Corp. They partner with educational institutions and industry leaders to offer courses and projects to help people learn new skills or even earn a certificate or degree. If you want to help democratize learning, Coursera is worth a look. These machine learning roles make me think they have some interesting artificial intelligence efforts underway.

  • Staff ML Scientist (Growth & Optimization) – Remote
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist – Remote

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Mascoma Bank is a community bank in New England founded way back in 1899. About ten years ago, they founded a subsidiary called Mascoma Community Development – that business is focused on driving capital to low-income communities and individuals. If you enjoy finance but want more of a local impact, check them out.

  • Community Relationship Banker – Burlington, VT
  • Payroll Administrator – Lebanon, NH
  • Wealth Advisor – Hanover, NH or Burlington, VT
  • Relationship Banker – Lyme, NH; Lebanon, NH; Burlington, VT; or Norwich, VT
  • Account Services Specialist – White River Junction, VT
  • Quality Engineer – Lebanon, NH
  • Assistant Branch Manager – Enfield, NH

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Looking for even more social impact job opportunities? Visit our job board for thousands of ways to make the world a better place.

Unit Co. helps social impact companies track their impact each year and generate social impact reports – super important for public benefit corporations and Certified B Corps who are often legally required to produce this kind of documentation.

Full disclosure – I know most of the founding team at this company. I'm a fan. They're hiring a Founding Engineer on equity initially, and they are raising money to give that Founding Engineer a salary and supporting team. If you have a web development background, I highly encourage you to take a look!

  • Founding Engineer – Remote

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Worldly is an online platform that provides businesses with visibility into their supply chains, helping them identify and manage risks, reduce their environmental impact, and improve their social and ethical performance. Admittedly, I tend to geek out over data more than the average person, but I feel like the first step to a more sustainable business is understanding what's currently unsustainable about it. Worldly helps unlock those insights for big businesses – if you also like geeking out over data, check 'em out.

  • Data Integration Engineer – Remote

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The Redwoods Group is a Certified B Corp and socially conscious insurance and risk management company that serves community organizations. I seriously love the benefits here – major investments in continuing education and scholarships for your kids, unlimited PTO, and paid volunteer time make this one of the strongest compensation packages I've come across.

  • Redwoods Consultant – Remote

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Summer is a student loan management company that helps borrowers navigate and reduce their student debt. The Data Analyst role sounds like a blast – they want the role to support different parts of the organization through experimentation and analysis, which means new things to work on regularly and ample opportunities to collaborate with other people.

  • Data Analyst – Remote

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Wire Media is a user experience design firm that specializes in visual storytelling and web accessibility. They are on a mission to help their clients create user-centered experiences that are both beautiful and inclusive. I like how you can dip your toes in with these two roles because they're part time – but if you enjoy it, there's the opportunity to go full time later.

  • Full Stack Wordpress Developer (Part Time) – Remote
  • Senior UX / UI Designer (Part Time) – Remote

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Sama is a data-labeling company that is expanding opportunities for low-income individuals through the digital economy. Labeled data sets are used to train machine learning models, and labeling data often requires a human touch. Sama's employees support this process worldwide, ensuring more people can tap into the supply chain of today's major tech trends.

  • Strategic Account Manager, North America – Remote

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On a personal note, I'll be visiting the Pacific Northwest area this week. If you have any recommendations for places to check out, let me know! I think I'm obligated to visit Stumptown to find out where my coffee comes from, and I'm sure there are many more businesses worth visiting.

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