Impactfully No. 65: Philanthropic impact

This week, Arabella Advisors helps nonprofits, foundations, and philanthropists make the most of their money to drive social impact, Alleyoop designs beauty product that do double duty, and Terra Education gives students the educational trip of a lifetime.

Impactfully No. 65: Philanthropic impact
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Philanthropists can make a real difference in the world, but with so many worthy causes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your money. Heck, we're getting to that time of year when charities start asking for donations, and I always struggle to choose the ones that resonate most with me, much less the ones who make the most of what I can offer.

Our featured company this week, Arabella Advisors, is no stranger to this challenge. They work with philanthropists and impact investors to maximize their dollar's mileage. Many of the companies we feature in the newsletter each week donate a portion of profits to charity – this is a great example where Arabella Advisors works with those companies to help them design their impact programs to maximize return on investment.

They're hiring for a lot of roles – see below – but if philanthropy isn't your cup of tea, check out the rest of this week's job opportunities:

Arabella Advisors is a philanthropic advisory firm helping nonprofits, foundations, and philanthropists make the most of their money to drive social impact. Solving tough challenges often requires investment, and you could be on the front lines helping drive financial outcomes that change the world.

  • Accounts Payable Manager – Washington, DC or Durham, NC
  • Associate Director of Payroll – Remote
  • Associate Director, Partner Solutions – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; or Chicago, IL
  • Program Associate – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; or Chicago, IL
  • Deputy of People Strategy – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; or Chicago, IL
  • Program Manager, Equity and Belonging – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; or New York, NY
  • Director, Equity and Belonging – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; or New York, NY
  • Program Assistant – Washington, DC; Durham, NC; or Chicago, IL

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Dmarcian is an email authentication and security company that helps organizations protect their domains from phishing and other attacks – and they're a Certified B Corp. They are a distributed team working globally, so one of the best perks here is that you can work from anywhere you'd like.

  • Accountant – Remote
  • Digital Marketing Associate – Remote
  • Graphic Designer – Remote
  • IT/Systems Administrator – Remote
  • Human Resources Coordinator – Remote
  • Lead Front End Developer – Remote
  • Senior Software Developer – Remote
  • Software Engineer – Remote

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Cybersecurity is a big deal as more of us store our data in the cloud, and AssuranceLab helps companies ensure they are compliant with major cybersecurity standards including SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. If you enjoy helping people and want to become an expert in a rapidly growing tech field, this Consultant role could be perfect for you.

  • Consultant – Remote

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Looking for even more social impact job opportunities? Visit our job board for thousands of ways to make the world a better place.

Alleyoop is a beauty brand and Certified B Corp with sustainability at the core of their product line – I really dig how they approach product design, which you can learn more about here. If you share their product philosophy, you could be marketing it as the Social Media Manager.

  • Social Media Manager – Remote

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Ecology Action is a nonprofit that has been around for over 50 years driving climate solutions across energy, water, and transportation. They have deep roots in the Santa Cruz community in particular, having set up their first community recycling program. If California sun and climate action are up your alley, check them out.

  • Incentive Manager – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Office Assistant (Part-time) – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Program Coordinator I/II: Transportation Planning Team – Santa Cruz or Salinas, CA
  • Senior Accounts Payable Specialist – Santa Cruz, CA

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If you have spent time in Portland, Oregon, you probably know Hopworks Brewery – not only do they brew great beers, but they're a Certified B Corp and invest in environmental impact. Their impact report is worth a read, but I'll call out their water conservation efforts in particular – they use roughly half as much water to brew beer as comparable breweries.

  • Accounts Payable/Admin Assistant – Portland, OR

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For the cheeky among us, there's Who Gives A Crap – an ironic name for a company that actually gives a crap. They sell paper products, including toilet paper and tissues – but the main focus is using their profits to improve toilet access around the world because it plays such a significant role in health.

  • Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Social – Remote

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Tom's of Maine is no stranger to social impact – they donate 10% of their profits to nonprofit organizations. Employees have some very unique benefits as well: summer hours are shortened to take advantage of the weather, and up to 5% of your paid time can be spent volunteering. If you are interested in natural personal care, this is one to check out!

  • Operations Associate – Sanford, ME
  • Supply Chain Intern – Sanford, ME
  • Making Technician – Sanford, ME

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Terra Education is a leading provider of educational travel and volunteer programs for high school and college students. They are on a mission to connect students with authentic cultural experiences and empower them to make a difference in the world. I never went on a trip like this in high school, but I know many who have – if you had an experience like that and want to help someone else make those memories, definitely read through their Seasonal Field Staff role.

  • Copywriter – Remote
  • Admissions Coordinator – Remote
  • Seasonal Field Staff (Directors and Mentors) – Location varies based on the host country

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Where are you donating this year? Send me your ideas – I'd love to meet some new charities.

Until next week,

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