Impactfully No. 55: Giving employees a voice in social impact

This week, Submittable helps social enterprises make the most of their charitable donations, Dr. B makes routine medical care and prescriptions more affordable, and LifeStraw expands access to safe drinking water.

Impactfully No. 55: Giving employees a voice in social impact
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The companies we feature each week have their own ways of driving impact, whether it's community engagement, donating money, or simply offering a product or service that makes a difference. For a few companies, they use a percentage of revenue or profit to fund a foundation that is tasked with investing in good works.

How do you decide where to make your investments? It's a philanthropic philosophical dilemma for anyone trying to make the most of the money on hand.

I'm sure we'd each have our own answers to that question, but one thing we could probably agree on is the need for a way to review the investment opportunities. Our featured company this week, Submittable, is designed to help in that regard. They're a social impact platform that helps organizations make the most of their grants and giveback programs – a few applications include managing grant requests and supporting employee giving programs.

I particularly like the latter approach, because it gives employees agency to decide how their work translates into social impact. It's one thing to say your company donates a portion of sales to charity and another to let your employees vote on who benefits. People need feedback – seeing cause and effect in social impact helps keep us inspired to face today's challenges!

Speaking of inspiration, let's dive into the latest social impact job opportunities:

Submittable is a social impact platform that empowers organizations to set up and track their social impact programs. If you're looking for a meaningful career in social impact technology, Submittable is a great place to start, and they have even more opportunities on their website.

  • Customer Success Manager – Bellevue, WA or Missoula, MT
  • Director of Science – Bellevue, WA
  • Enterprise Account Executive – Remote
  • Enterprise Sales Development Representative – Chicago, IL
  • Manager of Customer Success Project Management – Bellevue, WA or Missoula, MT
  • Senior Backend Engineer - Data – Bellevue, WA or Missoula, MT
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist – Bellevue, WA or Missoula, MT
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer – Missoula, MT or Seattle, WA
  • Staff Full Stack Engineer - Data – Bellevue, WA or Missoula, MT

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Fireclay Tile is a tile manufacturer and retailer that's on a mission to create beautiful, sustainable, and handcrafted tile, and they have one of the highest B Corp scores I've seen. Some of the ways they drive impact include using local materials and employing fair labor practices. If you prefer to work in manufacturing, they have a number of hands-on roles as well.

  • Salesforce Developer – Remote
  • Outside Commercial Sales Representative – San Francisco, CA
  • Craft CMS Web Developer – Remote
  • Decorative Production Manager – Aromas, CA
  • Showroom Design Consultant – Berkeley or San Francisco, CA
  • Sales & Client Support Specialist – Aromas, CA

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Kin + Carta is a digital transformation consultancy that's on a mission to help businesses modernize their technology stack. They're a global company with projects around the world; that extends to their impact efforts, where they invest in local communities with volunteering, pro bono services, and charitable donations.

  • Sr. Accounting Manager – Chicago, IL or Denver, CO
  • Full Stack Java Engineer – Chicago, IL or Remote
  • Senior Full Stack Java Engineer – Chicago, IL
  • Data AI Engineer – Remote
  • Full Stack Engineer – Remote
  • Solutions Architect – Remote

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The FruitGuys has been delivering fresh fruit to businesses and homes for over 20 years. What really makes them stand out is their commitment to community: they donate over 20% of profits to fight hunger and support sustainable agriculture, and they offer a program where you can donate fruit boxes through their network of community partners.

  • Content Marketing Specialist – Remote

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Dr. B is a public benefit corporation focused on telehealth visits for common medical conditions, making it more affordable to get medical care and take care of routine prescriptions. A number of the roles below are classic startup development roles, so if you thrive on a fast paced environment and want to help solve the healthcare problems in the U.S., Dr. B is worth a look.

  • Head of Growth – New York, NY or Miami, FL
  • Product Designer – New York, NY or Miami, FL
  • Product Manager – New York, NY or Miami, FL
  • Senior Backend Engineer – New York, NY
  • Senior Frontend Engineer – New York, NY

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LifeStraw designs products that help make it easier for people to access safe drinking water. Some of their earliest efforts focused on humanitarian aid before the product caught on with everyday consumers, but their impact persists today through a give back program that provides water purifiers to schools in Kenya.

  • Product Marketing Manager – Baltimore, MD
  • Amazon Account Manager – Baltimore, MD

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Magic is working on generative artificial intelligence for software engineering. I'm sure everyone has had their "wow" moment with AI, and this was mine. The first time I saw ChatGPT write code, it blew my mind. Magic takes that a step further by creating a chatbot that acts as a pair programming partner that evaluates and writes code alongside you. I'd encourage you to read their philosophy on AI and on work in general – there are some really interesting challenges they're trying to solve with regards to the future of work, and that impacts all of us.

  • GPU Kernel Engineer – Remote
  • Principal Product Designer – Remote
  • Research Engineer – Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer – Remote
  • Software Engineer - LLM Dataset – Remote

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IBA is a leader in the development of particle accelerators for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. This is about as exciting as medical technology gets, and you don't need to be an engineer to make a difference here.

  • Site Administrative Assistant – Fairfax, VA
  • Recruiter – Herndon, VA
  • HR Manager – Herndon, VA
  • Site Manager – Dallas, TX
  • Site Administrative Assistant – Kansas City, KS

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New Chapter is a vitamin and supplement company focused on natural wellness and the environmental impact of their supply chain. One of their initiatives centers on regenerative agriculture, which is about making sure the earth is suitable for farming well into the future. Their benefits are extensive and include some unique additions like time off for voting and tuition loan assistance.

  • Product Support Expert – Brattleboro, VT
  • Quality Control Inspector – Brattleboro, VT
  • Demand Planning Analyst – Brattleboro, VT

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