Impactfully No. 54: Banking your way to social impact

This week, Second Front Systems accelerates software development for government systems, Alvéole brings beehives to the big city, and Classy gives nonprofits the tools they need to build sustainable income.

Impactfully No. 54: Banking your way to social impact
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As a shrewd, values-oriented individual, you probably know that your choice in bank has downstream impacts on where that dollar makes a difference.

A bank's ability to lend money is nuanced, but it is tied to the reserves in the bank – reserves that include the money you deposit. If a bank believes it is more important to fund clean energy instead of fossil fuels, for example, your money goes to work for that lending philosophy. Finding a bank that aligns with your values – and there are more options than you'd think – can make a big difference.

Our featured company this week, Beneficial State Bank, is one of those values-oriented banks. Although they offer the standard range of banking services, it's their loans that inspired this week's feature – they give loans to businesses and individuals who are working to make a positive impact on the world. You can help shape that strategy: they're hiring for a Chief Impact Officer and a Chief Operating Officer. Given the amount of money in the bank and how it is used, this is a great way to influence the flow of money to people making a difference.

If the world of finance doesn't scratch your social impact itch, take a look at the rest of this week's job opportunities:

Beneficial State Bank is a B Corp bank that provides banking services with an eye on their social and environmental impact. I'd encourage you to check out their job opening for a Chief Impact Officer at a minimum – few roles grace this newsletter with as much opportunity to make a difference for so many people.

  • Chief Impact Officer – Los Angeles, Fresno or Oakland, CA; Portland, OR; or Seattle, WA
  • Senior Product Manager, Digital Experience – Los Angeles, Fresno, Porterville or Oakland, CA; Portland, OR; or Seattle, WA
  • Chief Operating Officer – Los Angeles, Fresno, Porterville or Oakland, CA; Portland, OR; or Seattle, WA

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Second Front Systems is a public benefit corporation that's on a mission to accelerate the delivery of emerging technologies to the U.S. and Allied warfighters. Having worked in defense for much of my career, I can say it's a rewarding way to serve those who serve us – the fact that Second Front Systems has an even stronger alignment with social impact is a plus.

  • Director of US Federal Sales – Remote
  • Information Technology Automation Developer – Remote
  • Lead Software Engineer – Remote
  • SkillBridge Intern – Remote

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Bedrock wants to make exploring our oceans easier than ever by developing a fleet of unmanned, marine-mapping robots. They have a goal of building a map of the world's oceans that can be used for climate science and better weather prediction. The roles below all offer equity as a perk, which is great if you want to focus on oceanography as a long-term career.

  • Accounting Manager – Richmond, CA
  • Senior Systems Integration Engineer – Richmond, CA
  • Assembly Technician – Richmond, CA
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer – Richmond, CA

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Alvéole helps bring bees to the city with their urban beehives. As an Urban Beekeeper, you'd be on the front lines helping schools and offices care for their beehives – it's a sweet gig, if you'll forgive the honey pun!

  • Urban Beekeeper – San Francisco, CA, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA or Seattle, WA

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BlueWave is a renewable energy company that develops and operates solar farms in the northeast. One of their best perks is summer Fridays where the work weeks are shortened to make the most of the nice weather. They also offer paid volunteering opportunities with the team.

  • VP of Preconstruction – Boston, MA
  • Managing Director, New York Solar Development – Remote
  • GIS Associate – Boston, MA
  • Senior Director, Mid-Atlantic Solar Development – based in Pennsylvania
  • Project Manager – Boston, MA
  • Project Engineer – Boston, MA
  • Senior Field Engineer – Remote
  • Manager, Solar Development – Remote

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Mars Materials is a public benefit corporation that helps convert waste carbon into a material that can be reused in carbon fiber, and by extension, new products. This is a really cool opportunity to work at the foundational level of climate action – many companies we feature are actively trying to improve the environmental impact of their supply chains, and Mars Materials is an example of a company that has a positive impact on many others.

  • Engineering Manager – Houston, TX
  • Executive Assistant & Office Manager – Houston, TX

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Idealist Consulting focuses on Salesforce and marketing automation for progressive organizations in the United States and around the world. Each year they set aside a portion of sales for a technology support grant to further the efforts of one of their nonprofit clients.

  • Operations Manager – Portland, OR
  • Salesforce Consultant – Remote
  • Salesforce for Nonprofit: Solution Architect – Remote
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits Developer – Remote
  • Salesforce Technical Architect – Remote
  • Systems Integration & Automation Specialist – Remote

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Dimagi develops software that is used by frontline workers around the world for case management and data collection. Their flagship product, CommCare, is now a software-as-a-service platform that lets organizations build their own applications – further expanding the ability for non-governmental organizations to serve their missions.

  • Portfolio Lead – Remote
  • Proposal Manager – Remote

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Stok is an ESG and sustainability consulting company that helps other businesses deliver on their sustainability goals, particularly in the built environment. Their professional development benefit is strong, with 24 hours of paid training each year. You can learn more about their work philosophy and their hiring process on their website.

  • Carbon Services Senior Data Analyst – Remote

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Classy is a B Corp focused on fundraising tools that makes it easy for nonprofits to raise money and build relationships with their supporters. They also run an awards show for nonprofits, and you can see all of the winners here – if the roles below don't interest you, perhaps the Classy Awards winners are hiring as well!

  • Senior Automation Test Engineer – Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer - Search – Remote
  • SVP, Marketing – Remote
  • Senior Product Designer – Remote
  • Account Executive, Mid Market – Remote
  • Business Development Representative – Remote
  • Partnerships & Ecosystems Manager – Remote
  • Sales Development Representative – Remote
  • Sales Development Manager – Remote
  • Sr. Solutions Engineer – Remote

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Where do you bank and why? Send me a reply, and we could feature their job opportunities in an upcoming newsletter.

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