Impactfully No. 56: Texting a path to mental health

This week, the Crisis Text Line supports better mental health one text message at a time, Meow Wolf astounds audiences with art and impact alike, and Solstice introduces community solar to homeowners who want clean energy minus the equipment.

Impactfully No. 56: Texting a path to mental health
Photo by Ruben Ramirez / Unsplash

If you want to see how much the conversation around mental health has changed, just picture the last time you heard someone say they're "taking a mental health day." The concept leapt into the national lexicon at lightspeed.

Not only are people willing to talk about it, they're willing to express their own vulnerabilities about it. Sometimes we need help to get through the day, and those "sometimes" are more common than we might have thought.

For those who need help, it's not always obvious what resources are available. Last year, the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline changed from a 10-digit number to 988, making it easier to access care when it matters most. On the other end of the spectrum, therapy options have multiplied, especially as online services accessible from everywhere.

Our featured company this week is the Crisis Text Line, which provides mental health services via text message. As the name implies, they help support people feeling suicidal thoughts, considering self harm, and fighting depression, though they work in other areas as well. I am far more willing to share my thoughts in writing, so I'm thankful that the Crisis Text Line exists for people who share that preference. It's a company with a global impact as well – they support the U.S., the U.K. and Ireland.

If mental health is important to you, consider applying for one of their job opportunities. For everyone else, we have more jobs teed up for you this week:

Crisis Text Line provides free mental health support via text message. If you're looking for a flexible tech job, they've got you covered today – we've also seen them recruit for other types of roles in the past, so keep an eye on them if the mission resonates with you.

  • Chief Technology Officer – Remote
  • Staff Data Engineer – Remote
  • Technical Product Manager – Remote

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Before long, we'll all be driving electric vehicles, and ChargePoint helps make sure we have a place to recharge. They provide charging solutions for home and on the go, and they serve everyone from consumers to businesses. Notable benefits include unlimited time off and the option to bring your dog to work, which I still think is the best perk a company can offer.

  • Staff Integration Engineer – Campbell, CA or Scottsdale, AZ
  • Staff Cloud Infrastructure Engineer – Campbell, CA
  • Project Estimator - EV Charger Installations – Remote
  • Site Acquisition Specialist – Remote
  • Account Executive – New York, NY
  • Product Owner - Embedded Software – Campbell, CA
  • Senior Manager - Embedded Systems – Campbell, CA
  • Senior Staff Embedded Software Engineer – Campbell, CA
  • Staff UX Engineer - Embedded – Campbell, CA
  • Director, Platform Revenue – Remote, CA
  • Senior Director, Total Rewards – Campbell, CA
  • North American Trainer/LMS Administrator – Remote

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Vera Institute of Justice is a nonprofit on a mission to end mass incarceration and advance racial justice, primarily by conducting research, policy analysis, and advocacy to reform the criminal justice system. I really like their approach to professional development, which you can read about on their careers page – it includes a pipeline where employees can pitch their own social impact projects.

  • Associate Director, Advocacy, Advancing Universal Representation – Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC
  • Associate Director of Research, Vera California – Los Angeles, CA
  • Associate Director, Web Strategy – Brooklyn, NY
  • Benefits & Wellness Associate – Brooklyn, NY
  • Deputy Director, Vera Action – Brooklyn, NY
  • Legal Department Coordinator – Brooklyn, NY
  • Legal Intern, Vera Louisiana – New Orleans, LA
  • Program Associate, Opening Doors – Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC
  • Research Analyst, Advancing Universal Representation
  • Senior Political Communications Strategist – Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC

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Solstice is a community solar company (and Certified B Corp) that’s on a mission to make solar accessible to everyone. If you're not familiar with community solar, the idea is that people can subscribe to a portion of a solar farm managed by someone else without having to purchase or lease solar panels themselves.

  • Field Sales Representative – Albuquerque, NM (Remote)
  • Director of Sales – Cambridge, MA (Remote)

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Saalt is all about affordable, sustainable period care. Aside from their focus on sustainability and eliminating single-use products, they invest a portion of sales in period poverty, which is when women can't afford menstrual care – often with negative work, school, and health impacts.

  • Social Impact Coordinator – Boise, ID
  • Growth Marketing Intern – Boise, ID

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UPSIDE Foods uses cellular agriculture to grow meat without the need to raise animals, helping eliminate the ethical and sustainability impacts from traditional meat production. What I like about the approach here is that it acknowledges consumer behavior, just with a more responsible supply chain behind it. Tastes like chicken!

  • Director, FP&A – Chicago, IL
  • Sr. Procurement Manager – Emeryville, CA
  • Sr. Engineering Manager – Chicago, IL
  • Project Engineer – Chicago, IL
  • Sr. Mechanical & Reliability Manager – Emeryville, CA

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Beta Bionics is a medical technology company making it easier to manage diabetes. One of their products is an artificial pancreas that can automatically deliver insulin without the person needing to make the diabetes management decisions themselves. If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, this could be the perfect fit for a mission-driven career.

  • Senior Office Administrator – Irvine, CA
  • Clinical Diabetes Specialist – Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN, Philadelphia, PA or Phoenix, AZ
  • Territory Business Manager – Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN or New York, NY
  • Customer Care Representative – San Diego, CA

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As company names go, Meow Wolf is certainly more unique than most – once you find out they're an art collective, things start to make sense. Meow Wolf is a Certified B Corp that creates large-scale, multimedia installations that combine art, technology, and storytelling. I haven't been to one myself, but if the images on their website are anything to go by, this is one unique social impact job and bound to be a lot of fun.

  • Project Estimator – Santa Fe, NM
  • Meow Wolf Marketing Internship – Remote
  • Director, Operations Development – Santa Fe, NM
  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Santa Fe, NM or Las Vegas, NV
  • Senior Systems Engineer – Santa Fe, NM
  • Senior Project Manager – Houston, TX
  • Senior Director, Exhibition Blue Sky – Santa Fe, NM
  • Executive Assistant – Santa Fe, NM

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You know the Wikimedia Foundation from all those times you visited a Wikipedia page, but they have other projects like Wikimedia Commons and Wikibooks as well. Each helps advance the vision of free knowledge for all. Parental leave is especially strong here, but the standout is their professional development opportunities – no surprise for an organization that champions knowledge.

  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer – Remote
  • Principal Product Manager, Wikimedia Enterprise – Remote
  • Senior Accountant – Remote
  • Software Engineer, Release Engineering – Remote
  • Research Manager – Remote

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Who knew a phone in your pocket could be the key to better health?

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