Impactfully No. 52: Government embraces the digital now

This week, Nava develops equitable digital services for government stakeholders, Anthropic builds safety into the AI revolution, and findhelp connects social services to the people who need them most.

Impactfully No. 52: Government embraces the digital now
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Have you ever used a government website before? Chances are it barely stands up to today's standards.

Fixed width layouts. Payment processors you've never heard of. Default fonts. Even your GeoCities website had more flair.

This is a problem that goes beyond aesthetics, however. These are essential services.

Our featured company this week, Nava, helps ensure the government's digital services meet the public's needs. Their work has helped millions of people access critical government services, such as health insurance, food assistance, and housing assistance. One of the things I like most about their work is their approach to equity and making sure that what they build serves everyone.

If you like the idea of serving the public from a private employer capacity, be sure to check them out. For even more social impact job opportunities, keep scrollin'.

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Nava is a public benefit corporation that helps make government services simpler, more effective, and more accessible to everyone. They have some excellent benefits, particularly when it comes to time off and your mental health.

  • Senior Capture Manager - Federal โ€“ Remote
  • Senior Capture Manager - States โ€“ Remote
  • General Counsel โ€“ Remote
  • Communications Associate โ€“ Remote
  • Events Manager โ€“ Washington, DC
  • Designer/Researcher โ€“ Remote
  • Program Manager โ€“ Remote

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Anthropic is one of the most well-regarded names in artificial intelligence and a leader in AI safety. True to their public benefit corporation status, they're passionate about ensuring that AI is used for good; one of the ways they do so is by collaborating with government and academic organizations on AI policy that advances safety.

  • HR Business Partner โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Recruiter โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Customer Success Manager โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Sales Development Representative โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Financial Analyst โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Senior Accountant โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Data Analyst โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Product Designer โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • Technical Product Manager โ€“ San Francisco, CA
  • IT Support Specialist โ€“ San Francisco, CA

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Veeva is a cloud-based software company that helps life sciences organizations bring new drugs to market faster and more efficiently. Their website has an excellent summary of how they apply social impact to their employees, including significant employee stock ownership, modest executive compensation, and a Work Anywhere policy reflected in the remote roles below.

  • Agency Partner โ€“ Remote
  • Account Partner โ€“ Remote
  • Product Marketing Director โ€“ Remote
  • Vice President of Marketing โ€“ Remote
  • Social Media Manager โ€“ Remote
  • Communications Manager โ€“ Remote
  • Senior Product Manager โ€“ Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer โ€“ Remote
  • Business Consultant โ€“ Remote
  • Senior Director - Strategy โ€“ Remote

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3R Sustainability is a Certified B Corp consulting firm that helps businesses reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability practices. If climate action is your thing, these are your people. Although you'll need a background in climate science for a few of their job opportunities, the Operations Administrator role has fewer requirements.

  • GHG & Climate Consultant โ€“ Remote
  • Energy Modeler โ€“ Remote
  • Operations Administrator โ€“ Pittsburgh, PA

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findhelp is used by over 100,000 people each month to find help (surprise!) with a variety of needs, including food, housing, healthcare, and employment. It's like a search engine for social services. Most of their roles are onsite but come with perks like a dog-friendly office, free food, and gym access.

  • Data Quality Specialist โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Director, Customer Happiness Executives/Strategic Accounts โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Senior Customer Success Manager โ€“ Austin, TX, Madison, WI or Denver, CO
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Product Marketing Manager โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Senior Growth Marketing Manager โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Program Manager โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Senior Marketplace Analyst, Partnerships โ€“ Austin, TX
  • Account Executive โ€“ Remote
  • Business Analyst, Engineering โ€“ Austin, TX, Madison, WI or Denver, CO
  • Manager, Software Engineering โ€“ Austin, TX, Madison, WI or Denver, CO
  • Senior Software Engineer โ€“ Austin, TX, Madison, WI or Denver, CO

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BPM is a recently certified B Corp that specializes in accounting services and works across a number of industries, including the nonprofit sector. They have an amazing approach to work-life balance they call Flex, and as you can see below, you don't necessarily need to be a tax expert to work there. If you want a social impact job but can't commit to work full time, these are worth a look.

  • Business Development Executive โ€“ Remote
  • Head of Private Equity Services Business Development โ€“ Remote
  • Corporate Finance Associate โ€“ Remote
  • NetSuite Consultant โ€“ Remote
  • Advisory Manager โ€“ Remote
  • HR Consultant โ€“ Remote
  • HRIS Systems Specialist โ€“ Remote (Part Time)
  • Family Office Advisor โ€“ Remote
  • SQL Developer โ€“ Remote
  • Tax Manager โ€“ Remote

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Living Carbon uses biotechnology to help fight climate change. They're working on a variety of projects, including developing new seedlings that can capture more carbon. This is about as geeked out over a company as I get โ€“ if your background fits their job openings, apply so I can geek out over you, too.

  • Forestry Operations Manager โ€“ Remote
  • Head of Carbon Project Development โ€“ Remote
  • Methodologies Manager โ€“ Remote
  • Research Associate - Tissue Culture and Transformation โ€“ Charleston, SC
  • Operations Coordinator โ€“ San Francisco, CA

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UpSlide is a Certified B Corp that helps professionals create beautiful branded documents in Microsoft Office. Part of why I'm featuring them is because they've written a lot about their B Corp journey, and it goes to show any type of business can make social impact a cornerstone of how they operate.

  • Business Development Representative โ€“ Remote
  • Customer Success Manager โ€“ Remote
  • US Partnerships Manager โ€“ Remote

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Leanpath helps commercial kitchens reduce food waste and operate a more sustainable facility. You've heard me say this before, but tackling food waste helps out with climate change as well. It's like you're making a difference twice over...not to oversell your efforts or anything. Doing so remotely? *chef's kiss*

  • Sales Executive (Enterprise SaaS/B-Corp) โ€“ Remote
  • Software Engineer (Food Waste/Climate Change) โ€“ Remote
  • Controller โ€“ Remote

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Artyc is making cold chain logistics more sustainable. That's when the item being shipped requires refrigeration of some sort โ€“ produce is likely the first thing that comes to mind, but this is very important for vaccines as well. This is another double duty difference-maker: not only are you making cold chain logistics better for the environment, you're helping support critical infrastructure essential to our health and wellness.

  • Staff Firmware Engineer โ€“ Fremont, CA
  • Senior Firmware Engineer โ€“ Fremont, CA
  • Firmware Engineer โ€“ Fremont, CA
  • Account Executive โ€“ Remote

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