Impactfully No. 49: Greener gases

This week, Project Canary helps monitor greenhouse gases in real time, Small Door brings telehealth to pet care, and Verdical Group drives the adoption of net zero architecture.

Impactfully No. 49: Greener gases
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It's hard to solve a problem you don't know about, much less understand. When we talk about social impact, we're often talking about some of the most complex problems around – imagine not knowing where to start!

That's where our featured company this week, Project Canary, comes in. They monitor greenhouse gas emissions in real time to help energy and utility companies reduce their impact on the environment.

You are probably familiar with carbon credits, where companies pay to offset their carbon emissions. Carbon credits have a somewhat dubious reputation because companies don't reduce their emissions by purchasing carbon credits, and the companies providing carbon credits don't always meet their obligations. Project Canary helps with this as well by monitoring carbon capture efforts, helping bring accountability to the industry.

Looking for more than just technology jobs this week? Check out the full list below:

Project Canary uses a network of sensors to track greenhouse emissions in energy infrastructure and monitor carbon capture. If you love dogs as much as the environment, you're in luck: they have a dog-friendly office environment.

  • Hardware Test Electronics Engineer – Princeton, NJ
  • Senior Business Analyst – Denver, CO
  • AI Specialist Engineer – Denver, CO
  • Lead Software Engineer – Denver, CO
  • Senior IT Support Specialist – Hayward, CA
  • Test Engineer – Hayward, CA
  • Front Desk Administrator – Denver, CO
  • Director of Product Marketing – Denver, CO
  • Customer Success Manager – Denver, CO

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Sensiba is an accounting and consulting firm that aims to leave a positive impact on their clients, community, and the planet. They do a lot of volunteering throughout the year, and you can see a list of organizations they've supported on their website.

  • Business Systems Analyst – Remote
  • Administrative Assistant – Remote
  • Career Coach – Remote
  • Tax Associate – Remote
  • Audit Associate – Remote

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BrandIQ is a market research and brand strategy consultancy that helps social impact companies find the insights they need to advance their missions. This one is for all the data geeks out there – if you love research and crunching numbers, you'll love this B Corp.

  • Director Of Market Research and Brand Strategy – Los Angeles, CA
  • Senior Research Manager – Los Angeles, CA

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Uplight works with major utility companies to advance their sustainability goals. You might have come across an energy efficiency program that is sponsored by your local utility – think of smart thermostats, reducing usage at peak times, and the like. Uplight specializes in that kind of customer engagement, creating a win-win for utilities and their customers.

  • Senior Marketing Operations Specialist – Remote
  • Staff Reporting Programmer – Remote
  • Software Engineer – Remote
  • Financial Analyst – Boulder, CO or Denver, CO
  • Senior Manager, Accounting – Boulder, CO
  • Internal Communications Manager – Boulder, CO or Denver, CO
  • Manager, Talent Operations – Boulder, CO or Denver, CO
  • Product Manager – Remote
  • Program Manager – Remote
  • Director, Market Development and Regulatory Innovation – Remote
  • Utility Sales Director – Remote

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Small Door is a unique take on veterinarian services where customers are part of a membership program with telehealth options for pets. They are hiring veterinarians of course, but you don't need to be one to make a difference in animal care.

  • Director, Accounting – New York, NY
  • Director, Strategic Finance and FP&A – New York, NY
  • Environmental Designer – New York, NY
  • Lifecycle Marketing Manager – New York, NY
  • Clinical Recruiter – Remote
  • IT Specialist – New York, NY
  • Client Services Coordinator – Boston, MA, New York, NY or Washington, DC
  • Member Experience Coordinator – Boston, MA, New York, NY or Washington, DC

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TriLinc provides a platform for individuals and institutions to make a positive impact with their investments while supporting the growth of businesses in developing regions. I'm a big fan of their $5 Fridays idea which turns casual Friday into a charitable activity.

  • Analyst - Investments – Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Middle Office Analyst – Manhattan Beach, CA

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Ben & Jerry's requires no introduction – it's the ice cream that made social impact cool. If you have interest working in a production environment, you'll find more opportunities on their website. We're highlighting what may be the tastiest tech job we've come across.

  • Full Stack Java Developer – Remote

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Verdical Group is a sustainability consulting firm that works with major companies on their sustainability goals, specifically with regards to their facilities. One of my favorite things they do is daylight modeling – that's when a building takes advantage of natural light to brighten spaces, reduce energy usage, and make it a better place to work. I once worked in a building with no windows, so I might be biased.

  • Sustainability Project Manager – Remote, CA
  • Human Resources Manager – Remote, CA
  • Operations Associate – Remote
  • Energy Analyst – Remote, CA
  • Sustainability Proposal Writer – Remote, CA

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Civitech is for the politically-minded among us. With the next round of elections around the corner, this is an opportunity to shape the technology that mobilizes democracy.

  • VP of Engineering or Chief Technology Officer – Remote

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