Impactfully No. 48: Pass the produce

This week, Misfits Market diverts perfectly good food from landfills, Guild helps companies invest in their employees' career development, and Avocado Green Brands helps customers sleep soundly and sustainably.

Impactfully No. 48: Pass the produce
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Food waste is a real problem in this country, and the impact is two-fold: perfectly good food is thrown away instead of going to people who need it, and wasted food in landfills contributes significantly to climate change.

Recently, two companies working in this space teamed up, and they're our featured companies this week: Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods. They got their start rescuing food from landfills that wasn't good enough to be sold in grocery stores – think of an apple with a blemish, or a carrot with a gnarly curve. In many cases, this produce can be repurposed into other products or sold as is to the conscientious consumer looking to make a difference.

I love this idea, but it makes me wonder: why isn't this simply a thing at the grocery store? Maybe this wouldn't catch on at the most popular stores, but it seems highly aligned with companies like Whole Foods or even your local co-op. Until then, I'm glad to see someone tackling these challenges – if you find a job with Misfits Market, maybe it could be you.

Let's dive into this week's job opportunities:

Misfits Market delivers groceries that help eliminate food waste. Corporate jobs, like those listed below, benefit from unlimited PTO and annual learning stipends to help you invest in your mental health and your career.

  • Senior Full Stack Engineer - Customer Tech – Remote
  • Human Resources Generalist – Northlake, IL or Walnut, CA
  • Service Desk Analyst – Remote
  • Human Resources Coordinator – Walnut, CA
  • Human Resources Coordinator (Bilingual in Spanish) – Hanover, MD
  • Produce Category Manager – Remote
  • Product Manager, Enterprise Systems – Remote
  • Sustainability Coordinator – Remote

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Vita Coco sells coconut water – you may have seen them on store shelves at your local grocery store. What you may not realize is that Vita Coco is a Certified B Corp and partners with a number of nonprofits on food security. Refreshing!

  • Retail Sales Manager – Avenel, NJ, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA or Portland, OR
  • Director of Food Service – Charlotte, NC
  • Director of Sales – Denver, CO
  • Market Development Specialist – Houston, TX
  • Brand Manager – New York, NY
  • Customer Operations Coordinator – New York, NY
  • Director of Pay & Benefits – New York, NY
  • National Account Manager – San Diego, CA

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The Abbi Agency is a creative, PR, and digital agency that partners with organizations in a number of social impact areas including healthcare, public services, and education. They set up a very intentional onboarding program for interns to introduce them to agency life – whether you're looking for an internship or not, I think it speaks well to the way they invest in their employees' growth.

  • Brand Manager – Remote or Hybrid (in Reno, NV or Las Vegas, NV)
  • Digital Content Internship – Remote
  • PR Internship – Remote

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EDSI is a leading workforce development and consulting firm that helps companies train and retain great people. Unsurprisingly given their core business, they're especially good at employee education and development. If you enjoy helping others find their way, they have a number of coaching and mentoring roles to explore.

  • Career Advisor – Franklin, TN or Clarksville, TN
  • Career Coach – Livonia, MI
  • Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator – Lancaster, PA
  • Receptionist – New York, NY or Lebanon, TN
  • Digital Media Producer – Philadelphia, PA
  • Site Administrator – Trevose, PA
  • Youth Advocate – Pittsboro, NC
  • Community Outreach Specialist – Nashville, TN, Ashland City, TN or Murfreesboro, TN
  • Recruiter – New York, NY
  • Deputy Director – Allentown, PA

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King Arthur Baking is the carb-friendly B Corp you've been looking for. Their benefits are outstanding, which is why we check in on them regularly for new opportunities. I'm particularly fond of the Baking School Instructor role they have available – it sounds like a lot of fun for a teacher with a penchant for baking.

  • Studio Director – White River Junction, VT
  • Digital Personalization and Optimization Manager – White River Junction, VT
  • Baking School Instructor – Norwich, VT
  • Director of Omnichannel Applications – Norwich, VT
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Development Lead – Norwich, VT
  • Senior ERP Analyst: Technical – White River Junction, VT

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Kids in the Game provides summer camp opportunities in New York City to help kids stay active, build emotional intelligence, and make new friends. They are hiring for a full time Marketing Manager, but note that they also have a bunch of seasonal job opportunities available to help support summer camp. That could be a great fit for those looking for a temporary role while school is out.

  • Marketing Manager – New York, NY

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Guild is an education and upskilling company that partners with employers to offer innovative learning opportunities and career advancement pathways. One of my favorite things about the service is its career coaching – there are all sorts of learning management systems out there, but I've never come across one that gives 1:1 advice to employees. As you can tell from the hefty list of job opportunities below, they are hiring a lot – plenty of variety as well.

  • Solution Marketing Director – Remote
  • Member Support Phone Specialist – Remote
  • Senior Product Manager, Data Governance & Privacy – Remote
  • Sr. Data Quality Analyst – Remote
  • Finance Manager, Revenue & Marketing – Remote
  • Sr. Manager, Corporate Finance – Remote
  • Chief Product and Technology Officer – Remote
  • Senior Business Intelligence Developer – Remote
  • Senior Knowledge Manager – Remote
  • Software Architect (Customer Engagement) – Remote
  • Software Architect (Customer Experience) – Remote
  • Staff Engineer, Software Engineering – Remote

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APDS is preparing every justice-impacted individual for a living wage job. They provide educational tools and partner with other organizations to help prepare individuals for careers after incarceration. If you're graduating with a degree in Accounting or Finance, this is an excellent entry-level opportunity with a seriously powerful impact.

  • Staff Accountant – New York, NY

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Participate Learning connects passionate teachers with meaningful international teaching opportunities. As you can imagine, those teachers come to the United States from outside the country – the Airport Welcome Team greets them when they arrive, making sure their first moments of cross-cultural exchange are memorable. If you live in the Chapel Hill area and would like to help out on a few weekends, check out that role in particular.

  • Airport Welcome Team (Seasonal Part Time) – Chapel Hill, NC
  • HR Manager – Chapel Hill, NC
  • Product Manager, Spanish – Chapel Hill, NC
  • Manager, Education Programs (Global Leaders) – Chapel Hill, NC

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Avocado Green Brands started out selling organic mattresses but have since expanded to other sustainable products. Getting B Corp certified is very tough, but Avocado has one of the highest impact scores I've ever come across. Take a look through their impact report and you'll see why.

  • Accounting Manager – Fullerton, CA
  • Market Representative, Northern California – Palo Alto, CA
  • Director of Information Technology – Fullerton, CA
  • Senior Business Partner, People & Development – Fullerton, CA

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The next time you buy groceries, look for the ugliest produce you can find and give it a place at the dinner table. I bet it tastes just as good!

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