Impactfully No. 45: Global collaboration

This week, the Atlantic Council builds a coalition to tackle international challenges, Next Street drives investments to small businesses with underrepresented owners, and Solectrac electrifies the agricultural industry.

Impactfully No. 45: Global collaboration
Photo by Mathias Reding / Unsplash

The challenges we face today – poverty, inequality, climate change, and so many others – are not confined by borders or limited to a single community. They are global in nature, and they demand a collective effort.

When we venture into the world of social impact, we inevitably find ourselves navigating complex systems, policies, and institutions. It's like trying to find your way through a labyrinth with invisible walls. Collaboration on a global scale requires more than just good intentions and well-meaning efforts – we need strong relationships.

That brings us to our featured company this week, the Atlantic Council. They are a think tank focused on challenges at the scale of global collaboration – things like energy security, defense, economic opportunity, and yes, democracy and freedom. If your brand of social impact includes a touch of diplomacy, this is a great career path for making a difference.

Whether your social impact journey leads you to Washington, DC or not, we have some job opportunities this week that are worth a look:

The Atlantic Council provides research, analysis, and policy recommendations on issues ranging from security and defense to energy and technology. Although they are hiring for a number of director-level positions, they also have a few entry level job opportunities if you're new to the workforce or looking to change careers.

  • Project Assistant – Washington, DC
  • Video Producer – Washington, DC
  • Director of Development – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director, Communications and Editorial – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director, GeoTech Center – Washington, DC
  • Director, South Asia Center – Washington, DC
  • Research Associate, Executive Office – Washington, DC
  • Director, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative – Washington, DC
  • Assistant Director, Events – Washington, DC

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Bigelow Tea has been making tea for over 75 years and are keenly focused on their environmental impact. They run their company on renewable energy and divert upwards of 95% of their waste from landfills through reuse and composting.

  • Marketing Administrative Assistant – Fairfield, CT
  • Tea Room Attendant – Boise, ID
  • Supply Chain Planning Analyst – Fairfield, CT
  • Procurement Manager Tea & Ingredients – Fairfield, CT

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Zevia is a major brand of zero-calorie, naturally sweetened soda. Their team is on a mission to tackle the health issues associated with sugar consumption, one beverage at a time. Naturally, benefits at Zevia include all the Zevia you can drink. Bottoms up!

  • Region Account Manager – San Antonio, Dallas or Houston, TX
  • Logistics Manager – Los Angeles, CA

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The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization in the United States. They focus on educational initiatives, policy advocacy, and public awareness campaigns to help create a world where every person can live authentically.

  • Associate Director of Events – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director or Deputy Director, Stakeholder Engagement – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director, Communities & Volunteer Relations – Washington, DC
  • Executive Speechwriter – Washington, DC
  • Major Gifts Officer – Remote
  • Membership Coordinator – Washington, DC
  • Program Coordinator – Washington, DC

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Murphy's Naturals is a Certified B Corp that makes natural mosquito repellents designed to provide effective protection while minimizing the impact on the environment. They have a company-wide volunteer day every quarter, and my favorite might be the Earth Day cleanup where they partner with a local nonprofit.

  • Customer Account Specialist – Raleigh, NC

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Next Street works with some of the country's biggest companies and foundations to create economic opportunities for small business owners. Community is a theme throughout – they help connect small businesses and support organizations for financing, educational opportunities, and other resources.

  • Account Manager – New York, NY
  • Senior Account Manager, Industrial Business Services Program (IBSP) – New York, NY
  • Associate – New York, NY or Chicago, IL
  • Manager – New York, NY or Chicago, IL
  • Full Stack Developer – Remote

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Neotech Products creates medical devices designed to meet the needs of infants and children. They recently formalized their giving program with a dedicated section of their website where organizations can apply for product and financial donations. If there's one thing that stuck out to me, however, it was the mention of a "holiday pajama day potluck brunch." That just begs for a photo, and thankfully, they have one on their careers page.

  • Human Resources Manager – Valencia, CA
  • Account Manager – Valencia, CA

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Provoc is a communications agency that specializes in delivering bold and captivating marketing campaigns rooted in equity. Some of the organizations they've worked with in the past include the ACLU, the Humane Society, the NAACP, and B Lab, who confers the B Corp certification we like to feature in the newsletter.

  • Business Development Manager or Director – Remote

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Solectrac is advancing sustainable agriculture through the production of electric tractors. Apparently, tractors should have some kind of ballast weight to keep them from tipping over because tractor-related accidents are the number one cause of death on farms. Batteries weigh a lot, so not only does an electric tractor do right by the environment, it actually helps with farm safety as well. You learn something new everyday!

  • Marketing Communications Associate – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Sales Representative – Remote, CA

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Milestone Financial Planning is an investment advisor and Certified B Corp dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate their financial journeys with confidence. We feature a lot of companies that give back through volunteering, but these folks are leading community programs on top of their full-time jobs: the standout is their pro bono work teaching financial acumen to veterans.

  • Client Service Representative – Bedford, NH
  • Advisor – Bedford, NH
  • Planning Associate – Bedford, NH

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With so many global challenges to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick just one to make your focus. I think that's a crucial part of our personal journeys though – we have to figure out what resonates with us and where we find the most purpose in our lives. Some of that is in the work itself, but much of it is in the people with whom we share it.

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