Impactfully No. 40: Environmental justice community

This week, Resonant Energy helps ensure an equitable clean energy revolution, Mango Materials transforms methane into a plastics substitute, and Harness helps nonprofits manage their fundraising operations.

Impactfully No. 40: Environmental justice community
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I come across a lot of clean energy companies when I'm researching job opportunities for the newsletter. Each of them makes a difference in the transition away from fossil fuels, but a few work at the intersection of clean energy and social justice. For these companies, it's not just about going green: it's about going green in a way where everyone can benefit.

There's a name for communities that have been disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards like pollution and climate change: environmental justice communities. Our featured company this week, Resonant Energy, is specifically focused on solar projects in underserved areas, helping ensure an equitable transition to clean energy. More than half of their solar installations to date have been in environmental justice communities. Pretty cool!

Let's get to this week's job opportunities:

Resonant Energy is helping build wealth in environmental justice communities by partnering with local nonprofits, builders, and homeowners to expand solar access. In addition to the usual range of benefits, they offer paid time off for community action.

  • Project Manager – Boston, MA
  • Solar Design Fellow – Boston, MA
  • Analysis Coordinator – Boston, MA

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Allbirds is one of the most recognizable B Corp brands around, specializing in sustainable shoes and clothing. We love how they lay out their plan to evolve from carbon neutral to carbon positive over time, especially their perspective on carbon credits as a step, not a destination, to carbon neutral operations.

  • Senior Manager, Global Tax – San Francisco, CA
  • Data Engineer – San Francisco, CA
  • Director, 3P Distribution Management – San Francisco, CA or Portland, OR

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TCC Group is a consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies to drive social change. They specialize in helping their clients develop strategies, manage programs, and measure impact to achieve their social and environmental goals. If you like helping others advance their missions, give these job opportunities a look!

  • Senior Consultant, Integrated Initiatives – New York, NY
  • Program Manager, Integrated Initiatives – New York, NY
  • Director, Foundation Strategy – New York, NY

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Teachstone is improving the quality of early childhood education by providing research-based assessments, coaching, and professional development to teachers. Their goal is to help children develop the social and cognitive skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

  • Customer Service Representative – Charlottesville, VA
  • Inside Sales Representative – Charlottesville, VA
  • Brand Engagement Specialist – Charlottesville, VA
  • Senior Payroll and Benefits Consultant – Charlottesville, VA

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Mango Materials is reducing the environmental impact of plastic pollution by transforming methane into a plastic alternative for the production of sustainable materials. You know those plastics you can't recycle, like caps and plastic wrap? Replacing those plastics with the PHA from Mango Materials means they biodegrade over time, eliminating a source of waste. Really cool opportunity here for those of you interested in research and development.

  • Innovation Research Manager – Albany, CA
  • Bioprocess Engineer – Redwood City, CA
  • Equipment Maintenance Technician – Redwood City, CA
  • Project Engineer – Redwood City, CA
  • Senior Bioprocess Engineer – Redwood City, CA

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Selflessly is a social impact platform that connects employees and companies with nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact. Their software helps with volunteer management, fundraising, and corporate social responsibility programs – the kinds of things that help companies make a difference even when their core business lies outside social or environmental impact.

  • Full Stack Developer – Indianapolis, IN

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Eileen Fisher is a sustainable fashion brand committed to environmental and social responsibility. One of the ways they help make a difference is by selling both new and used clothing. Customers can return their garments for a credit regardless of the condition, and Eileen Fisher will either give the clothes a second life as a used product or repurpose it into wall art. If you love fashion and environmental impact, give these jobs a look.

  • ERP Technical Analyst – Remote
  • Jr. Graphic Designer – Irvington, NY
  • Paid Search Manager – Irvington, NY
  • Senior Benefits Specialist – Irvington, NY
  • Sr. Manager of Brand Media – Irvington, NY

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Brewer Science develops and manufactures cutting-edge materials for the semiconductor industry – consider the impact that semiconductors have had on our lives over the past few decades. What sets them apart aside from their technology is their dedication to community engagement and sustainability. Their employees give back through volunteering and STEAM education (that's science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math), and the company has donated money to community projects and local events.

  • Sales Manager – Remote
  • Facilities Project Manager – Rolla, MO
  • Coaching & Development Specialist – Rolla, MO
  • Planning and Logistics Specialist – Rolla, MO
  • Senior Research Associate – Rolla, MO
  • Research Associate – Rolla, MO
  • Senior Research Associate – Rolla, MO
  • Director, Sensor Systems – Springfield, MO

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Harness is a fundraising platform for nonprofits that helps them build a more stable revenue stream from donations. They have a distributed workforce around the world, so not only do you get more flexibility to make an impact, you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with an international team of change agents.

  • Senior Financial Platform Engineer – Remote
  • Chief of Staff – Tampa, FL
  • Senior Fullstack Engineer – Remote
  • Customer Success Manager – Remote
  • Strategy & Ops Manager – Remote

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Casebook is a public benefit corporation that enables social workers and caseworkers to manage cases more effectively and make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families. They're hiring for a number of different roles but especially in engineering – this is an opportunity to use those web development skills in service of others.

  • Software Account Executive, Nonprofit/Gov't Human Services – Remote
  • Sales Development Representative – Remote
  • Lead Business Analyst – Remote
  • DevOps Engineer – Remote
  • Frontend Engineer – Remote
  • Backend Engineer – Remote
  • QA Automation Lead – Remote
  • Product Designer – Remote
  • Customer Onboarding Specialist – Remote
  • Customer Experience Agent – Remote

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Thanks for helping make the world a better place, one job at a time. Best of luck with your search this week!

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