Impactfully No. 72: Empowering change one campaign at a time

This week, Rescue Agency develops marketing campaigns to inspire healthy behaviors, Project Canary detects greenhouse gases before they pose a threat to our atmosphere, and Jitasa helps nonprofits make the most of their finances.

Impactfully No. 72: Empowering change one campaign at a time
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Hope you had a great Thanksgiving week! The year will be over before we know it, and I'm always excited for a refresh – every January feels like a fresh opportunity to set new goals and reflect on what we're looking to get out of life.

At the top of my list? Getting more active now that I started working remotely. I honestly miss those walks from the parking lot to the office and hustling up and down stairs between meetings.

I'm not alone in setting fitness goals of course. Unsurprisingly, governments and community organizations have a vested interest in a healthier population as well. Their challenge? How to motivate people to change their habits. After all, we need that inspirational spark to spur action and intrinsic motivation to sustain it.

Our featured company this week, Rescue Agency, specializes in change management for healthier lives. Some of their past work has focused on smoking, nutrition, and opioids – massive challenges with an undeniable impact on our quality of life. As you'll see from their job opportunities below, you don't need a marketing background to contribute to these efforts.

Whether you're seeking a change management career or another form of social impact, let's dive into this week's job opportunities:

Rescue Agency is a unique full-service marketing agency compared to those we usually feature in the newsletter. They specifically focus on helping people adopt positive behaviors that improve their health. This is about as close to "change agent" as we get each week – if that's a moniker you'd like to wear on a daily basis, there are a lot of opportunities to make a difference here.

  • Account Supervisor – Remote
  • Associate Director, Communications Planning – Remote
  • Associate Director, Integrated Marketing Strategy – Remote
  • Program Supervisor – Albuquerque, NM
  • Proposal Administrator – Remote
  • Sr. UX/UI Designer – Remote

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KeHE is a Certified B Corp and distributor of natural, organic, and specialty foods. I like how they invest in a wide variety of social impact efforts, everything from disaster relief and food security to human trafficking prevention and leadership development in other countries around the world.

  • Leadership Program Associate - Finance & Accounting – Naperville, IL
  • Director, Growth Solutions – Remote
  • Supplier Development Manager – Naperville, IL
  • HR Manager - Warehouse Operations – Lehigh Valley, PA
  • Human Resources Coordinator – Elkton, FL
  • Sr Director, Talent Development – Naperville, IL
  • Sr Engineer, Data Engineering & Analytics – Naperville, IL

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Project Canary uses a network of sensors to track greenhouse emissions in energy infrastructure and monitor carbon capture – the proverbial canary in a coal mine applied to greenhouse gases. Their benefits are excellent. My favorite has to be their dog-friendly office environment, but they offer unlimited PTO and great parental leave as well.

  • QA Engineer – Denver, CO
  • Embedded Software Engineer – Hayward, CA
  • Senior Manager, Educational Content – Hayward, CA
  • Senior Manager, Product Content – Hayward, CA
  • Senior IT Support Specialist – Hayward, CA
  • Assembly Technician – Hayward, CA

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Looking for even more social impact job opportunities? Visit our job board for thousands of ways to make the world a better place.

Jitasa is an international accounting and bookkeeping services provider that works exclusively with nonprofits. A career here is a great way to support a variety of organizations making the world a better place – perfect for the person who likes to mix things up from time to time!

  • Accounting Representative – Remote
  • Nonprofit CFO Client Advisor – Remote

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Peak Design is a Certified B Corp that specializes in bags and phone cases for electronics. Most of their social impact efforts focus on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of their supply chain – I was especially happy to see that they are auditing their major suppliers and being transparent when those suppliers don't meet their environmental objectives. Everyone will have their own views on what makes for a great company culture, but that signals a willingness to improve and a commitment to accountability that goes beyond greenwashing.

  • Design Engineer – San Francisco, CA
  • Senior Soft Goods Designer – San Francisco, CA
  • Senior Soft Goods Designer & Product Line Lead – San Francisco, CA
  • Retail Operations Lead – San Francisco, CA
  • Retail Store Manager – New York, NY
  • Gear Expert (Retail Associate) – San Francisco, CA or New York, NY

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Stok is an ESG and sustainability consulting company that helps other businesses deliver on their sustainability goals, particularly in commercial real estate. Their professional development benefit is strong – the last time we included them in our newsletter, they offered 24 hours of paid training each year. That's now up to 40 hours and includes volunteer time as well.

  • Senior ESG Manager – Remote

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Guayakí Yerba Mate is a Certified B Corp that produces organic and sustainably sourced yerba mate. Guayakí has deep supply chain ties to South America where they focus on supporting small farmers and Indigenous communities. I really like how they are teaching their partners about regenerative agriculture, so their impact goes beyond fair trade to environmental impact.

  • Customer Sales Representative – CA, TX, and UT
  • Regional Sales Leader – Austin, TX or New York, NY
  • Senior Director, Operations Finance – Los Angeles, CA
  • Community Engagement Specialist – Remote
  • Area Sales Leader – CA
  • Key Accounts Manager - Large Format – Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Jacksonville, FL; or Tampa, FL

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Allbirds is one of the most recognizable B Corp brands around, specializing in sustainable shoes and clothing. I love how they lay out their plan to evolve from carbon neutral to carbon positive over time, especially their perspective on carbon credits as a step, not a destination, to carbon neutral operations. I've pulled their corporate jobs for this week's list, but they have retail operations as well if you prefer that environment.

  • Senior Accountant – San Francisco, CA
  • Manager, Global Creative Operations – Portland, OR
  • Senior Analyst, Strategic Finance – San Francisco, CA
  • Distributor Operations Manager – San Francisco, CA

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Sunrise Banks is a community bank in Minnesota that drives social impact through a variety of efforts, whether that's donating a portion of income to charity, giving employees a whopping 40 hours of paid volunteer time, or partnering with other banks to improve the impact of the sector as a whole.

Seriously, check out the Impact section of their website – it's impressive stuff, even compared to the kind of crowd we keep around here.

  • Client Relations Manager – Sioux Falls, SD
  • ESG Compliance Reporting Analyst – St Paul, MN
  • Systems Engineer – St Paul, MN
  • Applications Support Engineer – St Paul, MN
  • Compliance Analyst – St Paul, MN
  • Bank Teller – St Paul, MN
  • Audit Manager – St Paul, MN

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💡 Job source of the week: Tech Jobs for Good

Tech Jobs for Good is a job board that focuses on social impact jobs at tech companies. If you want the companies to do the work for you, you can join TJFG's candidate database which makes it easier for mission-driven companies to recruit you. I also like how you can filter the job board to just the impact area that interests you, like climate change, human rights, and economic development.

P.S. – it's Giving Tuesday today. Keep an eye out for organizations offering matching donations, and give generously!

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