Impactfully No. 61: Elevating earth to art

This week, Heath Ceramics raises the bar on sustainable manufacturing, Rip Curl helps surfers catch the big wave while protecting the environment, and Vayda advances regenerative agriculture across the Mississippi Delta.

Impactfully No. 61: Elevating earth to art
Photo by Taylor Heery / Unsplash

I'll be honest – I got a bit too excited to see a social impact ceramics company this week. I haven't been in the studio for a while, but it's one of my favorite ways to create.

Looking back, my interest in ceramics linked up with some of the more foundational moments in my life. It took me to the middle of nowhere – Tuscarora, NV – where I saw the Milky Way overhead for the first time. When the space shuttle Columbia burned up on reentry, I learned that ceramics were used extensively to protect the flagship of our space program. This balance between art and engineering – perhaps a balance of emotional and rational – has come to shape a lot of what I do on a day to day basis as an engineer and people leader.

Our featured company this week, Heath Ceramics, is a great example of social impact in an unexpected application. Their recycling systems are particularly inspiring – for example, not every tile meets quality standards from production, so they divert some of those tiles to make concrete. Over half of the water they use in production is recycled, and they get all of their energy from renewable sources. At the moment, they're hiring a Brand Writer and Showroom Sales Supervisor, perfect for the person passionate about art and design who knows how to tell a story.

If that's not you, check out the other job opportunities in store:

Heath Ceramics is a Certified B Corp that makes ceramic home goods and tile with a focus on sustainability in their manufacturing process.

  • Brand Writer – San Francisco, CA
  • Showroom Sales Supervisor – Sausalito, CA

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SCS is a leading provider of sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development services. I'm a fan of their Technical Specialist roles where you can focus on one area of sustainability to become an expert in your field.

  • Associate, Quality Assurance – Remote
  • Public Affairs Manager, Climate Impact – Remote
  • Technical Specialist, Forestry – Remote
  • Technical Specialist, Responsible Biofuels – Remote
  • Technical Specialist II, Jewelry & Conflict Minerals – Remote
  • Technical Specialist, Low Carbon Fuel Standard – Remote
  • Program Manager, Mining – Remote
  • Program Coordinator, C.A.F.E. Practices – Remote
  • Staff Accountant (Remote Hybrid) – Emeryville, CA
  • Senior Director, Advanced Sustainability and LCA Services – Remote

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AllCare Health is a physician-led organization and Certified B Corp that is on a mission to provide high-quality healthcare to people living in the southern parts of Oregon. If you prefer living a small town life, this could be the job for you.

  • Coordinator, Member Wellness Benefit Management – Grants Pass, OR
  • Community Engagement Manager – Grants Pass, OR
  • Compliance Administrative Assistant – Grants Pass, OR
  • Desktop Support Technician – Grants Pass, OR
  • Field Support Technician – Grants Pass, OR

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Looking for even more social impact job opportunities? Visit our job board for thousands of ways to make the world a better place.

Orgain is a nutrition company that creates organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan protein powders, shakes, and other products. Lots of opportunities here if you are passionate about health and nutrition – everything from marketing to HR to tech.

  • Inventory Analyst, Costco – Remote
  • Senior Project Manager, Commercialization – Irvine, CA
  • Representative, B2B Customer Support – Irvine, CA
  • Generalist, People & Culture – Irvine, CA
  • Manager, Brand Management – Irvine, CA
  • Data Analyst – Irvine, CA

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Mazzetti is an engineering design and technology consulting firm that is on a mission to create healthier, enduring environments, particularly in the healthcare industry. One of the things I love about public benefit corporations like Mazzetti is that they publish their impact reports online. If you want to learn more about how they live out their values, check out this page.

  • Chief People Officer – Remote
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer – Seattle, WA or Atlanta, GA
  • Senior Electrical Engineer – Huntington Beach, CA

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Milepost is a multi-faceted agency that works at the intersection of business consulting, marketing, and sustainability. Their work spans a variety of areas, like developing social impact programs, ESG reporting, and managing grant applications. If you like the variety of work that an agency offers, check them out.

  • Account Manager – Remote
  • Communications Strategist – Remote
  • Operations Lead – Remote

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Stumptown is a Certified B Corp with a unique approach to sourcing coffee beans – they work directly with the coffee farmers for years and pay them based on the quality of their product, not the commodity value. One of the cool ways they bring their customers into their community outreach efforts is by giving them the chance to vote on which nonprofits receive a portion of sales.

Full disclosure...I am drinking Stumptown coffee while I write this, and as the Head of Marketing and eCommerce, you could be the reason for my next order.

  • Head of Marketing and eCommerce – Portland, OR

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Rip Curl is a major surfing brand, and until now, I didn't realize they were a Certified B Corp as well. If you are early in your career and prefer working in retail, there are many more job opportunities on their website – I'm highlighting the mid-/senior-level roles here. The Independent Sales Rep role is particularly interesting because you're traveling throughout your region to pitch products.

  • Director - US Wholesale – San Clemente, CA
  • Independent Sales Rep - Mid Atlantic (Virginia Beach to New Jersey)
  • Store Manager – Palm Springs, CA

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Vayda is a regenerative agriculture company creating more resilient farming and ecological systems. We've highlighted regenerative agriculture in prior newsletters – it's about making sure that when we use land, we're sustaining its viability for agriculture for many years to come. They're hiring for one of their first growth roles, so this is an exciting opportunity to help shape the trajectory of this company and make better use of the planet.

  • Growth (Marketing) – Remote

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Dr. Squatch is a personal care company and Certified B Corp that makes natural, handcrafted soaps and other products for men. They get their employees involved in their social impact efforts through volunteer days and in-kind charitable contributions.

  • Director of Procurement – Marina del Rey, CA
  • Head of Legal – Marina del Rey, CA
  • Receptionist – Marina del Rey, CA
  • Associate Scientist – Marina del Rey, CA
  • Process Engineer – Brea, CA

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Did art inspire your interest in social impact in some way? I'd love to hear about it – just reply to this email.

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