Impactfully No. 58: Getting ahead of the climate crisis

This week, ClimateAI builds resilience in agriculture and energy infrastructure, Rightfoot makes it easier for consumers to pay down debt, and Carbonwave transforms seaweed waste from methane polluter into purposeful product.

Impactfully No. 58: Getting ahead of the climate crisis
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When you run out of topics to talk about, you talk about the weather, right? This isn't a cop out though: with Hawaii and California in the news for historic weather-related events and the rest of the country feeling the heat, it seemed like climate ought to be the focus this week.

Of the myriad social enterprises working in the climate space, I've opted to feature ClimateAI this week because they bridge two of the most topical industries today: climate science and artificial intelligence.

One of the key challenges is understanding how the impacts of climate change will play out on our communities, and this is where ClimateAI excels. They've trained models that help predict how climate impacts industries like agriculture and energy, often decades in advance, so those who depend on that infrastructure can plan ahead.

If you think back to the pandemic and all the supply chain issues we had, that strikes me as the kind of problem we're trying to avoid here. Except in this case it's climate, not a virus, that's disrupting the way we live. Some of their customers are household names, like Ocean Spray and Driscolls – it's a telling data point to see that major food and beverage brands are investing in climate resilience already.

Looking to make a difference in other areas? Fear not! More job opportunities await you below:

ClimateAI is an artificial intelligence platform that's helping companies and communities assess their climate resilience and plan ahead. They're a startup that recently raised a Series B round, and given the types of roles for which they're hiring, this is an exciting time to join to help lead the next stage of growth.

  • Head of Finance – Remote
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – San Francisco, CA
  • Meteorologist – Remote
  • Head of Impact Sales – Remote

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Motive Companies helps businesses reduce their environmental impact with sustainable energy generation and storage solutions. We're focusing on corporate roles here, but if you prefer the manufacturing or field service environments, they have a number of additional opportunities worth checking out.

  • Senior Staff Accountant – Fountain Valley, CA
  • Accounts Receivables Coordinator – Phoenix, AZ
  • ERP and Technical Support Specialist – Fountain Valley, CA
  • Project Manager – Tustin, CA
  • Director of Project Engineering – Tustin, CA
  • Account Executive – Fountain Valley, CA
  • Business Development Representative – Tustin, CA
  • Sr. Software Engineer – Tustin, CA

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Carbonwave is a company that transforms sargassum seaweed into biomaterials that can replace petroleum products and leather. This is cool stuff, and as a Product Manager, you'd help develop new use cases for sargassum-based materials beyond the fashion and pharmaceutical markets that Carbonwave already supports.

  • Product Manager – Boston, MA

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Kinesis is a consulting firm that helps businesses with transformation. Historically, they focused more on marketing and branding but have since expanded into business strategy more generally. One of the things I like about this role is how they set up their Strategists to work with multiple clients at once so you can leverage a variety of perspectives in your work.

  • Strategist – Portland, OR

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Rightfoot is tackling America's debt crisis. One of the surprising reasons people don't pay off debt is because their payments don't reach loan holders. Rightfoot builds APIs that makes it easier to integrate debt payments into other applications; some clever examples include automatically applying credit card rewards to loans and enabling loan micropayments.

  • Senior Engineer – San Francisco, CA

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GreenSavers is a Certified B Corp that helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient, like installing new windows or more effective HVAC systems. If you fancy yourself a salesperson but prefer to work in the field, this might be the job for you.

  • Director of Operations – Portland, OR
  • Home Performance Consultant – Portland, OR

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Freeform designs commercial workspaces, so this one is for all the interior designers out there. They have a unique giving model called a charitable committee – in effect, an employee-led committee decides where to direct their charity efforts and organizes fundraisers to support local nonprofits.

  • Project Manager – Boise, ID

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Altvia is a Certified B Corp that provides CRM, investor, and deal management systems specifically built for Private Capital Market firms. They focus their impact on community outreach and give employees multiple ways to get involved, from 32 hours of paid volunteer time to a company match on employee charitable donations.

  • UI/UX Designer – Broomfield, CO

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Legacy Vacation Resorts manages multiple destination properties around the U.S. with a focus on sustainability. They're also a local social impact leader in their home state of Florida – the CEO helped launch Florida for Good, a network of social impact businesses operating in the state.

  • Accounts Payable Specialist – Kissimmee, FL
  • Guest Service Supervisor – Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Leadership Development – Kissimmee, FL
  • Risk Management and Safety Manager – Kissimmee, FL
  • Talent & Purpose Coordinator – Kissimmee, FL

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With AI being applied to climate action, it makes me wonder: what other applications might AI have for social impact? Maybe your idea is a game changer.

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