Impactfully No. 37: People v. profit

This week, Atticus helps sick and injured people find justice, Modern Energy builds a greener energy future, and Equalize Digital ensures the web is accessible to all.

Impactfully No. 37: People v. profit
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Perhaps you've heard of the triple bottom line before: people, planet, and profit. Social impact companies are especially good at balancing these needs as they build their businesses. But can any kind of business today become a social impact company, even the most lucrative ones?

And so we turn to this week's featured company: Atticus. Named for the fictional lawyer from To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is a unique find-a-lawyer service because it is a law firm itself. They provide free legal advice about disability benefit, workers' compensation, and injury cases then refer those cases to the law firms in their network based on best fit.

One of the things that sets them apart is their brokerage model – instead of selling advertising space on their website, they receive a portion of the proceeds from a successful case. In that way, their incentives are aligned with the needs of the sick and injured people they support. I'll admit, I can be skeptical of lawyers sometimes – live in Florida long enough, and you'll see enough ambulance chasers to last a lifetime – but Atticus gives me hope that even the most affluent professions can find a way to balance people and profit.

Here are this week's job opportunities:

Atticus is a law firm that helps people find the right lawyers for cases about disability benefits, workers' compensation, and injuries. Their team is distributed across the country, so you can work remotely and still make an impact.

  • Client Experience Associate – Remote
  • Client Experience Specialist – Remote
  • Engineering Manager – Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer, Frontend – Remote
  • Executive Assistant / Office Manager – Los Angeles, CA

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Rule4 is a cybersecurity company helping companies protect mission-critical services like healthcare and utilities. They are a Certified B Corp and donate a portion of profits to local charities working on food security and animal care. Boulder, CO is a beautiful place to make a career, and one of their perks is a $1000 outdoors pass so you can enjoy the natural beauty where you work.

  • Cybersecurity Engineer – Boulder, CO
  • Information Security Systems Engineer – Boulder, CO
  • Senior Cybersecurity Engineer – Boulder, CO

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Good Stuff is a full-service brand strategy and design agency that works with social impact companies to make life better for people, the planet, and animals. One of the things that makes them stand out from other agencies is that more than 80% of their team and client roster are women.

  • Project Manager – Sausalito, CA
  • Digital Designer – Sausalito, CA

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Varsity Technologies is a Certified B Corp that works with social impact organizations in California on their IT service needs. Their IT support Specialist role sounds especially interesting to us – not many technology jobs give you the opportunity to work closely with customers and see your impact firsthand.

  • Senior Systems Administrator – Remote
  • IT Support Specialist - Field – San Francisco, CA

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Modern Energy is on a mission to accelerate the transition to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy. They partner with emerging developers to build a variety of clean energy assets, from solar farms to EV charging stations, in the United States and Brazil.

  • Capital & Investments Associate – Durham, NC

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MIO is a sustainable furnishings design company and has supplied major companies like Apple, Google, and Sony to name a few. We think their approach to sustainability is unique among companies that wear that label proudly: they believe consumers should be drawn to sustainable products because they actually desire them, not because they feel they should. If you like home and office design, take a look!

  • Marketing and Operations Assistant – Surfside, FL
  • Internship - Industrial Designer – Surfside, FL

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Last week, we gave you a top-notch west coast dairy cooperative – now meet Cabot Creamery Cooperative on the east coast! They were the first dairy co-op to achieve B Corp certification – we're especially interested in their environmental impact partnership with Green Mountain Power, another innovative B Corp that we've featured in the past, to generate energy from cow waste. Positively bonkers, but we love it!

  • HR Representative – Cabot, VT
  • Customer Relationship Representative – Waitsfield, VT
  • Commodity Analyst – Waitsfield, VT
  • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist (EHS) – Cabot, VT
  • Export Logistics Analyst – Waitsfield, VT
  • Operations Demand Planner – Waitsfield, VT
  • Sales Pricing & Account Analyst – Andover, MA
  • Sales Pricing & Account Analyst – Waitsfield, VT
  • VP Supply Chain & Logistics – Waitsfield, VT
  • Manager, Accounting – Waitsfield, VT

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Equalize Digital is helping make the web accessible for everyone. They specialize in web development and auditing for accessible design, making sure people can browse the web if they are blind or do not use traditional input methods like a mouse and keyboard. If you care about digital equity, this is a great opportunity.

  • Senior Plugin Developer – Remote

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Garden of Life is a nutritional supplement company with as much of a commitment to sustainability as they have to their customers' health. They recently became carbon neutral and use 100% recyclable packaging, for example. Garden of Life also donates a portion of profits to charities working on healthcare issues and ocean conservation.

  • Customer Service Representative – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Customer Service Supervisor – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Product Support/Customer Service Representative (eCommerce) – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • R&D Associate – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Sometimes social impact companies carry a stigma around profit – that a company can't be wildly profitable and still make the world a better place. Phooey, I say! The companies in this newsletter demonstrate otherwise. If you're looking to make a buck and make a difference, then go for it – a new career is around the corner.

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