Impactfully No. 35: Co-op

This week, Tillamook brings farmer-owners together to deliver delicious dairy products, MiaDonna offers an ethical solution to a jewelry concern, and Rachio makes lawns more sustainable.

Impactfully No. 35: Co-op
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Social impact companies come up with all sorts of business models to make a difference in the world. Some donate money, others volunteer time, and many align their product or service with impact-oriented outcomes.

This week, we're featuring job opportunities at Tillamook County Creamery Association, a company operating as a dairy co-op. If you're not familiar with the concept of a co-op or cooperative, it's a business owned by its members. In many cases, the same people who benefit from the product or service also own the company that produces it.

So how does a co-op drive social impact? It's primarily through governance: co-ops serve to benefit their members, not just the business. In that way, they balance the economic needs of a thriving business with their impact on the community in which they operate.

In the case of Tillamook, that means considering the farmers who provide the milk for their products. They share in each other's success.

Which job opportunities will moo-ve you this week?

(I'm sorry, the cows made me do it! 🐮)

Let's take a look:

Tillamook is a farmer co-op delivering delectable dairy delights to your local grocery store. They're a Certified B Corp, and you don't have to be a farmer to make an impact here.

We picked huckleberries as kids living in Washington, and my dad made muffins with them on the weekends. If I had to pick a favorite Tillamook ice cream, it would probably be the huckleberry ice cream – nostalgia makes it taste even better!

  • Consumer & Market Insights, Assistant Manager – Portland, OR
  • Consumer & Market Insights, Coordinator – Portland, OR
  • Consumer PR and Influencer Lead – Portland, OR
  • Creative Manager – Portland, OR
  • Senior Patron Accountant – Tillamook, OR
  • Talent Acquisition Coordinator – Portland, OR

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OverDrive is an early innovator in digital reading, helping advance literacy through partnerships with libraries and schools. One of their apps, called Libby, helps people borrow ebooks and audiobooks from their local library, making it easier for libraries to expand their reach to more families.

  • Chief Marketing Officer – Cleveland, OH
  • Account Manager – Cleveland, OH
  • Compensation Specialist – Cleveland, OH
  • Account Executive – Cleveland, OH
  • Social Media Specialist – Cleveland, OH
  • Integrated Marketing Specialist – Cleveland, OH
  • Marketing Manager – Cleveland, OH
  • QA Analyst – Cleveland, OH
  • Site Reliability Engineer – Cleveland, OH
  • Intern - Developer – Cleveland, OH
  • Intern - Business Management – Cleveland, OH
  • Intern - Customer Support – Cleveland, OH
  • Intern - Data Analyst – Cleveland, OH

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ASPCA, or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is the first humane society established in North America – way back in 1866! Since then, they've offered a range of services to protect animals, including animal rescue, relocation, and a popular poison control hotline.

  • Client Programs Liaison – New York, NY
  • Data Manager, Membership – Remote
  • Director of Operations, Bronx Community Veterinary Clinic – Bronx, NY
  • Fleet Administrator – New York, NY
  • Manager, Accounts Payable – New York, NY
  • Manager, Administration - Behavioral Rehabilitation Center – Weaverville, NC

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MiaDonna makes beautiful engagement rings using lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals, addressing the impact of conflict diamonds on mining communities. Their giveback program is impressive: 10% of profits go towards educational programs and agricultural farms in impacted areas.

  • Website Manager – Portland, OR
  • Jewelry Specialist (Sales) – Portland, OR
  • [Contract/Freelance] Project Management-minded Developer – Remote (Greg's note: this is a unique role that would probably fit a web developer or site reliability engineer skill set)

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Teak Media + Communication is on a mission to increase recognition and revenue for socially responsible companies and nonprofit organizations. They have been providing public relations services for over 25 years and boast some impressive clients like The Nature Conservancy, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the New England Aquarium.

  • Senior Account Executive – Boston, MA
  • Social Media & Marketing Manager – Boston, MA

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Charlotte's Web is a CBD oil company with an unlikely start. The company's name is inspired by a girl named Charlotte with a rare case of epilepsy – Charlotte responded positively to CBD extract, and after sharing the extract with others, the founders decided to build a business around it.

Fun fact: Louisville is pronounced Lewis-ville. Bring La Croix to your interview, and you can knock the small talk portion out of the park.

  • VP of IT – Louisville, CO
  • Senior Industrial Engineer – Louisville, CO

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Pharos is a Certified B Corp specializing in printing-as-a-service. They work with enterprise companies to reduce the impact of printing on the environment. If you've ever worked in an office before, you know how many reams of paper get used once and discarded – their software helps incentivize positive printing behaviors so people only print the important stuff, and cheaply.

  • Print Optimization Expert – Remote
  • Project Manager – Remote
  • Sales Development Representative – Remote

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What's better than a co-op in the newsletter? Two co-ops! Sno-Isle Food Co-op made our list this week as a good opportunity for those seeking part-time work. If you're a student or otherwise prefer to work second shift, definitely check out these opportunities.

  • Overnight Retail Clerk – Everett, WA
  • Deli Clerk – Everett, WA
  • Retail Clerk – Everett, WA

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Rachio produces smart sprinkler controllers that sense the saturation of your lawn and reduce the amount of water used to keep it pristine. I'm a fan of how they adjust in advance based on the forecast – they water less in reaction to current state as well as predicted future state. If you're a whiz in embedded electronics, you should give them a look!

  • Senior Hardware Engineer – Remote

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Caldera + Lab is a skincare company and Certified B Corp that focuses a lot on the impact of their supply chain. In addition to donating 2% of revenue to nonprofits each year, they've invested in recyclable packaging and biodegradable adhesives so they leave the lightest possible footprint.

  • Customer Experience Specialist – Austin, TX
  • Shopify Full Stack Developer – Austin, TX
  • Graphic Designer – Austin, TX
  • Marketing Video Editor – Austin, TX

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Here's your challenge for this week: find a co-op in your area! Becoming a member is a great way to get engaged in your community and support local businesses, not to mention scope out some new social impact job opportunities.

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