Impact Jobs Roundup: Socks With Purpose

This week, Bombas brings dignity to homeless shelters, PowerSchool brings education into the online era, and Waymo gets you to your destination without a driver.

Impact Jobs Roundup: Socks With Purpose
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More companies are putting people and planet on par with profit, but it can be an uneasy tension.

For example, most types of corporations include language in their founding documents that state the primary purpose of the corporation is to increase shareholder value. They are legally bound to value shareholders above social impact. If you've ever felt like a company is prioritizing Wall Street over Main Street, the business structure is at least partially to blame.

Public benefit corporations are a relatively new business structure that restores the balance between social impact and shareholder value. When a company incorporates as a public benefit corporation, it includes its mission in its Articles of Incorporation, ensuring it has legal protection to balance the needs of each of its stakeholders. Many of the Certified B Corporations that we feature are also public benefit corporations – something that B Lab calls a "mission lock" and requires for certification of new companies.

Speaking of Certified B Corporations, our featured company this week needs little introduction. Bombas is an apparel brand famous for its one purchased, one donated model of giving. Their lightbulb moment was discovering that socks were the most requested item at homeless shelters – when someone purchases a pair of socks from their website, they donate a pair to people in need.

This model doesn't work for every business, but what I like about it is how it aligns profit and purpose – more revenue means better outcomes for shareholders and community alike.

We've got more than just socks on offer this week – check out the following social impact job opportunities:

Bombas is one of the most recognizable social impact brands around, specializing in socks and apparel. For every item purchased, they donate another to those in need. In addition to the roles below, they also maintain a list of candidates interested in future roles – you can find general applications on their website if their mission resonates with you but you don't see something that's a fit today.

  • Senior Creative Producer – New York, NY
  • Senior Engineering Manager – Remote

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PowerSchool makes cloud-based software to support schools and improve student outcomes: everything from instruction and assessment to enrollment and finance. They were the first to develop a web-based student information system, and their software became a crucial tool throughout the pandemic to support remote learning. Here's just a sample of the large number of job opportunities they have available:

  • Director, Technical Support – Remote
  • Project Manager - Deployment Solutions – Remote
  • Account Representative, Enterprise Sales – Remote
  • Product Operations Analyst, Jira Administration and Development – Remote
  • Solution Marketing Specialist – Remote
  • Director, Field Marketing – Remote
  • Compliance Manager, Employment & Ethics – Remote
  • Senior Data Engineer – Remote
  • Executive Assistant – Folsom, CA
  • Director, Finance – Folsom, CA
  • Software Engineer II – Remote
  • Product Manager – Remote

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Revolution Foods is a Certified B Corporation that makes healthy, affordable meals for schools and community feeding programs. They currently operate in 23 states across the nation, and they recently became a public benefit corporation – PBCs are legally required to balance their missions with shareholder profit, ensuring they never lose sight of driving community impact.

  • Customer Service Manager – La Mirada, CA or San Lorenzo, CA
  • Distribution Supervisor – San Lorenzo, CA
  • Purchasing Coordinator – Commerce, CA
  • Warehouse Lead – San Lorenzo, CA

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