Impact Jobs Roundup: Sight for Sore Eyes Edition

This week, Warby Parker expands vision care around the world, Geek Girl Tech helps social impact companies with cybersecurity, and RALLY mobilizes change through marketing.

Impact Jobs Roundup: Sight for Sore Eyes Edition
Photo by Gerald Hartl / Unsplash

Everyone loves a good BOGO – that's "buy one, give one" in social impact speak. A number of companies have popularized the model over the years, where every consumer's purchase is matched with an identical item that is donated to those in need.

One of the criticisms of BOGO is that what is given is not always needed. Not so in the case of our featured company this week, Warby Parker. Millions of people around the world need glasses but can't get them – if you need corrected vision, you know how essential it is for education, work, and simply enjoying the world around us.

Part of the reason we're featuring Warby Parker this week is because of their giving model – Warby Parker still operates the Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program, but they recently set up a foundation to further their mission.

The most telling benefit of doing so is that they get to tackle vision care from multiple angles, not just the donation of glasses. This includes advocacy, grants, and partnering with other organizations to ensure everyone can see the world clearly. We know a number of companies that have set up foundations, and it remains one of our favorite giving models because of its flexibility.

Grab your specs if you have them, and let's jump into this week's job opportunities:

Warby Parker is no stranger to social impact, given how recognizable their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program has been. They are hiring for a variety of corporate roles in their New York City office, but you can also find roles in their new Nashville location or at one of their retail stores nationwide.

  • Product Manager, Ecommerce – New York, NY
  • Principal Counsel - Corporate & Securities – New York, NY
  • Principal Counsel - Labor & Employment – New York, NY
  • Associate Manager, Talent Development – Nashville, TN
  • Manager, Compensation – New York, NY
  • Associate Manager, Product Development – New York, NY
  • Retail Operations Specialist – New York, NY
  • Project Manager, Construction – Remote
  • Store Design Specialist – New York, NY
  • Manager, Corporate Manufacturing – New York, NY
  • Engineering Manager – New York, NY

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Echo&Co uses human-centered design to promote social and environmental wellbeing for people and communities around the world. If you're not familiar with human-centered design, it's an approach to product development that is deeply engaged with how people interact with the product. In the case of Echo&Co, they use human-centered design to help organizations like the ASPCA and United Way harness technology to drive social change.

  • Content Strategist & Information Architect – Remote
  • Digital Project Manager – Remote
  • Director, Content Strategy & Information Architecture – Remote

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Geek Girl Tech is a woman-owned company that helps other social impact companies with their IT and cybersecurity needs. Many of their job opportunities are part time or on a project basis to start with – great if you're looking to dip your toe into social impact before you take the proverbial plunge.

  • Security Program Development – Remote
  • Technical Project Management – Remote
  • Cyber Risk and Compliance – Remote
  • Vendor Assessment/Selection – Remote
  • Security Assessments – Remote
  • Identity & Access Management – Remote
  • Web Security – Remote
  • Security Engineering – Remote
  • Email Security – Remote
  • Google Workspace/GCP Security – Remote
  • Endpoint Security / Tier II Desktop Support – Remote
  • SentinelOne Engineer – Remote

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