Impact Jobs Roundup: Global Collaboration Edition

This week, the Atlantic Council builds a coalition to tackle international challenges, Next Street drives investments to small businesses with underrepresented owners, and Solectrac electrifies the agricultural industry.

Impact Jobs Roundup: Global Collaboration Edition
Photo by Mathias Reding / Unsplash

The challenges we face today – poverty, inequality, climate change, and so many others – are not confined by borders or limited to a single community. They are global in nature, and they demand a collective effort.

When we venture into the world of social impact, we inevitably find ourselves navigating complex systems, policies, and institutions. It's like trying to find your way through a labyrinth with invisible walls. Collaboration on a global scale requires more than just good intentions and well-meaning efforts – we need strong relationships.

That brings us to our featured company this week, the Atlantic Council. They are a think tank focused on challenges at the scale of global collaboration – things like energy security, defense, economic opportunity, and yes, democracy and freedom. If your brand of social impact includes a touch of diplomacy, this is a great career path for making a difference.

Whether your social impact journey leads you to Washington, DC or not, we have some job opportunities this week that are worth a look:

The Atlantic Council provides research, analysis, and policy recommendations on issues ranging from security and defense to energy and technology. Although they are hiring for a number of director-level positions, they also have a few entry level job opportunities if you're new to the workforce or looking to change careers.

  • Project Assistant – Washington, DC
  • Video Producer – Washington, DC
  • Director of Development – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director, Communications and Editorial – Washington, DC
  • Associate Director, GeoTech Center – Washington, DC
  • Director, South Asia Center – Washington, DC
  • Research Associate, Executive Office – Washington, DC
  • Director, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative – Washington, DC
  • Assistant Director, Events – Washington, DC

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Bigelow Tea has been making tea for over 75 years and are keenly focused on their environmental impact. They run their company on renewable energy and divert upwards of 95% of their waste from landfills through reuse and composting.

  • Marketing Administrative Assistant – Fairfield, CT
  • Tea Room Attendant – Boise, ID
  • Supply Chain Planning Analyst – Fairfield, CT
  • Procurement Manager Tea & Ingredients – Fairfield, CT

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Zevia is a major brand of zero-calorie, naturally sweetened soda. Their team is on a mission to tackle the health issues associated with sugar consumption, one beverage at a time. Naturally, benefits at Zevia include all the Zevia you can drink. Bottoms up!

  • Region Account Manager – San Antonio, Dallas or Houston, TX
  • Logistics Manager – Los Angeles, CA

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