Impact Jobs Roundup: Creative Crowdfunding Edition

This week, Kickstarter helps creatives find fans and funding, Allagash Brewing Company raises a glass to social impact, and Lemonade transforms insurance premiums into charitable donations.

Impact Jobs Roundup: Creative Crowdfunding Edition
Photo by Vale Zmeykov / Unsplash

Have you ever helped a crowdfunding campaign get over the finish line? It's one of the more unique ways to support a small business owner: putting your faith in an idea before it ever hits the market. I've supported a few over the years, and I particularly love updates from the owners as they go from idea to product – it's like getting a behind-the-scenes look at the winding road of entrepreneurship.

You're probably familiar with a number of crowdfunding platforms, but did you know that Kickstarter, our featured employer this week, is also a public benefit corporation? Every year, they donate 5% of after-tax profits to organizations nominated by their employees. The economic impact provided by the platform itself is impressive as well: over 300,000 part- or full-time jobs in creative industries to date.

Maybe your next social impact job is a crowdfunding campaign in the making? If not, there are lots of other ways to make a difference this week:

Kickstarter is on a mission to help bring creative projects to life, from music and films to books and food. All of their roles are fully remote, so you're free to support creatives from wherever it suits you. They are also one of the few companies we know of that has employee resource groups to help everyone connect on the issues that matter to them.

  • Program Manager (Security & Systems) – Remote
  • Director, Creator Growth & Engagement – Remote
  • iOS Engineer – Remote
  • Senior iOS Engineer – Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer – Remote
  • Software Engineer – Remote
  • Trust & Safety Analyst, Moderation – Remote
  • Senior Product Manager, Mobile Apps – Remote

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Allagash Brewing Company is a Certified B Corp and popular purveyor of beer along the east coast. They have some really unique benefits, like brewing pilot beers based on employee suggestions and paying for volunteer time. Their impact report is very impressive, but if one thing stands out the most to me, it's that they managed to divert 99.8% of brewery waste from landfills. I'll drink to that!

  • Illinois and Wisconsin Field Sales Representative – Chicago, IL
  • Southern California Field Sales Representative – Los Angeles, CA
  • California Area Sales Manager
  • Tasting Room Associate – Portland, ME
  • Warehouse Operations Associate – Portland, ME

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Burnham is an insurance broker that helps companies build benefits packages to support their employees. They've been named one of the best places to work in the Los Angeles area for years, and they regularly donate time and money to the communities they serve. Some of the charities they support include United Way, Dogs for the Deaf, Women's Philanthropy, and CASA.

  • Client Executive, Commercial Risk – Tustin, CA
  • Senior Client Manager, Employee Benefits – Irvine, CA
  • Client Manager, Commercial Risk – Tustin, CA
  • Client Manager, Employee Benefits – Irvine, CA
  • Client Service Analyst, Employee Benefits – Irvine, CA
  • Sr Client Service Specialist, Wealth – Irvine, CA
  • Advisor, Employee Benefits – Fresno, CA
  • Client Executive, Employee Benefits – Lawndale, CA

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