Impact Jobs Roundup: Clean Water Everywhere

This week, SOURCE pulls water from thin air, Dandelion Energy leads the transition to geothermal heating and cooling, and Dataquest educates the next generation of data scientists.

It's easy to take the simple things for granted: electricity, running water, and a roof over our heads, for example. They are, in many ways, the foundation on which we depend to live fulfilling lives. This week, we're featuring a Certified B Corporation called SOURCE whose work on clean, accessible water everywhere inspires us.

SOURCE designed a system called a Hydropanel that uses solar power to condense water vapor in the air, making it easier to get water wherever you are in the world. They also sell water in in bottles – no single-use plastic here – and donate water for each bottle sold.

We love finding companies targeting fundamental challenges around the world, and this is about as fundamental as it gets. If you're into technology and making an impact internationally, check them out.

Here are this week's social impact job opportunities:

SOURCE makes a renewable drinking water system that uses solar energy to extract water from air. It's particularly empowering technology for people who live in remote areas or in countries where water infrastructure is hard to find – the system has already been installed in over 50 countries around the world, and you can help extend their reach to even more people.

  • Cloud Software Developer – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Inside Sales/Customer Service Representative – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Business Development Director – Scottsdale, AZ or Washington, DC
  • Senior Director of Digital Marketing – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Field Technician – Fresno, CA

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A—B is a design agency focused on media campaigns to drive equitable outcomes. What sets them apart is their experience in social movements and politics – they've worked with a number of social justice organizations and storied nonprofits such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Propel, and Amnesty International.

  • Account Manager – Remote
  • Associate Creative Director – Remote
  • Graphic Designer – Remote
  • Senior Designer – Remote

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Dandelion Energy is a clean energy company that spun out of Google X in 2017 and specializes in geothermal heating and cooling. It's a unique solution to reduce carbon emissions – wind and solar energy captures most of the headlines, but geothermal energy is particularly popular out west and poised to scale. We're featuring jobs in the office, but if you'd prefer to work in the field, they have a lot of additional opportunities.

  • Energy Sales Consultant – White Plains, NY or Bay Shore, NY
  • Operations Accounting Manager (Inventory) – Remote
  • Process Engineer – Mount Kisco, NY

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