Impact Jobs Roundup: Big Data Edition

This week, Posit helps democratize data, Lovevery applies puts childhood development first with a line of toys, and Home Leasing develops housing communities designed to meet diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Impact Jobs Roundup: Big Data Edition
Photo by Shahadat Rahman / Unsplash

Haven't you heard? AI is eating the world.

There are all sorts of new AI experiments and businesses popping up left and right, and not just the ones that make headlines. Flashy AI that generates images or writing in the blink of an eye portend a sea change in the way we work, and data science is at its core. Ultimately, these AI tools are trained on massive troves of information, and it's the role of a data scientist to help train the models that provide the tools we enjoy today...or signal the end of all mankind (your mileage may vary).

One of the most prominent languages for data scientists is R – no really, that's what it's called. Our featured company this week, Posit, supports a ton of open-source software projects for R and has a profound impact on data science around the world. If you're not familar with open-source software, that's software that is written in a collaborative, public way. It's uniquely democratic, with a set of maintainers to help keep things organized but open to anyone who wants to contribute. Though popular in software development circles, I wonder if the open source model could be applied to other areas to create impact.

Whether you're tech-obsessed or a self-proclaimed luddite, new job opportunities await you this week:

Posit is on a mission to enhance the production and consumption of knowledge by everyone, regardless of economic means. One of the cool things about them being a public benefit corporation is that you can read their impact report online, and their transparency is refreshing – it's not just about all of their accomplishments but also their opportunities to improve. You can tell this is a learning organization where your personal growth is a key ingredient of success.

  • Data Science Educator - Python – Remote
  • Education Coordinator – Remote
  • Senior Software Engineer (C++) – Remote
  • Accounts Receivable Collections Specialist – Remote
  • Customer Success, Scaled – Remote
  • Senior Solutions Engineer – Remote

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Environmental Incentives works with governments, nonprofits, and universities around the world to design and implement conservation programs. As their name implies, they're especially focused on incentive programs to drive the desired behaviors. That's something we've talked a lot about in past newsletters: what looks like a people problem is often a situation problem (thanks to the book Switch for that insight).

  • Senior Business Development Associate – Washington, DC
  • Senior Business Development Manager – Washington, DC
  • Contracts Specialist – Washington, DC
  • Organizational Learning Associate – Washington, DC
  • Organizational Learning Manager – Washington, DC
  • Climate Risk Management Consultant – Washington, DC
  • Water Resources Senior Associate – Washington, DC
  • Senior Program Manager, Environment Program Cycle Support (EPCS) – Washington, DC
  • Chief of Party, Building Evidence for Decision-making (BE4D) – Washington, DC
  • Locally Led Development Advisor, Building Evidence for Decision-making (BE4D) – Washington, DC
  • USAID Environment Program Cycle Support Specialists – Washington, DC

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Lovevery provides toys and tools that support early childhood learning which has an outsize effect on a child's brain development. True to their focus on families, they have an especially generous parental leave program that's perfect if you're looking to start a family of your own soon.

  • Accounts Payable Clerk – Boise, ID
  • Senior Product Development Manager - Physical Products – Boise, ID
  • Senior Regulatory Compliance Associate – Boise, ID
  • Creative Producer
  • Motion Designer
  • Product Quality Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer

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